Guy uses a drone to pick up a lady during the coronavirus lockdown

He has game – and a drone.

Like a responsible New Yorker, Brooklyn-based photographer Jeremy Cohen was locked in his apartment and practiced social distancing during the coronavirus lockdown. But when he saw a girl dancing on her roof, he was channeling his inner Romeo and using his balcony and technology to get her attention.

In a 31-second TikTok video that had 4.4 million views on Twitter as of Monday afternoon, he captured the entire sweet moment. He also notes, “I can’t believe this actually worked, and yes, that’s a true story.”

“I looked out the window and saw this girl dancing, maybe to a TikTok song,” says Cohen, 28, in the video.

This thoroughly modern love story began when he waved to her and she waved back, so he decided to take it one step further.

“I thought she was really cute from a distance,” Cohen tells the Post. “I think everyone is fighting for social interaction during this quarantine. I said, ‘Oh my god, a girl. I haven’t seen anyone in a long time. ‘”

They could hear each other, so he told her to stay seated because he was going to send her something. He wrote his number on a piece of paper, stuck it on his drone and flew it to the “cute” brunette.

Cohen admitted that flirting is “usually daunting” for him, but also says that he is a hopeless romantic. “2020 got off to a terrible start, but I still had to shoot my shot. She picked up my drone and I think it worked, ”he says in the video. The girl in the video, 28-year-old Tori Cignarella, texted him that night, but here her story comes to a halt.

Cohen – who only started TikTok two months ago – says he texted quite a lot. Cignarella commented on Instagram that “Part 2 is underway !!” when one of her followers asked her if she was following the viral romance.

“I asked her out on a date, but we need to find out what it will be. I have an idea, but I can’t yet say it. It won’t be personal, ”says Cohen, who admits the spotlight could either make this a great love story or dampen the moment.

“I was initially worried that she would get upset about it. Thank god she’s perfectly fine [with the notoriety]Says the native of Bethlehem, Penn., Who used his own newly discovered virus status to support two initiatives: Help Main Street, which can be used to purchase gift cards for small businesses, and Feeding America, a food bank organization.

“I don’t want to be selfish. I’m just trying to use this for something good. “

He also plans to record their first date, but he’s working on making it fun for them and fun for those who join online. One thing is certain:

“There will be part 2 – I promise.”

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