Sexe and Clougherty reflect upon careers ahead of Sunday’s Senior Day

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BETHLEHEM, PA. – The amount Seniors Mary Clougherty and Mariah Sexe have given to the Lehigh women’s basketball program on and off the pitch over the past four years is incredible. Every player has something special that will be difficult to replace in 2021-22.

Clougherty has been a player for every Mountain Hawks game since her first season, and this year she has been an integral part of the grid and an All-Patriot League-level talent from the start.

Sexe has been through it all, the highest highs and lowest lows of her time with the Mountain Hawks, but her leadership over the past two seasons has been very, very special. As a member of the starting grid this year, her production has helped Lehigh tremendously by playing some of the best basketball games of her college career.

This Sunday against American, the program will honor Clougherty and Sexe for their indelible service to the team four years from now. caught up with the two seniors ahead of the Seniors Day celebration on Sunday.

# 34 Mariah Sexe – Forward – Woodbury, Minn. – Health, Medicine and Society

What is your favorite memory of Lehigh WBB so far? Why?

MS: My first favorite Lehigh WBB memory is playing two games in my hometown against the University of Minnesota because all of my friends and family saw me play in an arena that I grew up in and dreamed of playing . My other favorite memory is our team trip to the Bahamas as it was a great experience to share with my teammates.

Describe your relationship with Mary Clougherty.

MS: Mary is one of my best friends on and off the pitch. We’ve really been at each other’s side for four years and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Mary is a friend and teammate that I trust and love very much. She is compassionate, kind, dedicated, and an extremely hard worker. I feel blessed to have shared so many Lehigh memories with her and to know that she will be a friend for life.

Describe the feeling of going into senior citizenship. What are some of the thoughts that cross your mind as you near the end of your college career?

MS: The last four years have passed so quickly and I’ve really learned a lot about myself. My years at Lehigh weren’t easy, but they made me who I am today and I will be forever grateful for that. I will also be forever grateful for all of the friendships and relationships I have made that I know will last a lifetime. I’ve been playing basketball since second grade, so it’s hard to believe it’s going to end. I loved everything about the sport and I am so glad I did basketball in college. It will be strange not being on a team anymore and being able to compete every day, but I have so many memories that can always bring me back. It’s a bittersweet feeling because I don’t want my career to end, but I’m also really looking forward to my future.

What will you miss most about Lehigh Women’s Basketball?

MS: I will miss a lot of things about Lehigh WBB. I will miss being able to play basketball at an incredibly high level. I will miss game days and rituals that convey feelings that cannot be repeated. I will miss workouts with Eric, Dom and Owen. I will miss the feeling of a great exercise or a great game. I will miss the random conversations and laughs at the gym. Most importantly, I will miss my teammates and all of the people who made Lehigh a home away from home.

How proud are you of the progress that the Lehigh Women’s Basketball program has made and continues to make?

MS: It’s been great to be part of the Lehigh WBB program over the past four years and see how it evolves. Every year brings a new team that pushes each other and improves our program. Wins and losses are the focus, but it’s also amazing to see my teammates develop as people. It’s great to learn from previous years and use this to improve the program for years to come.

What did it mean for you personally and in terms of sport to have coach Troyan as head coach?

MS: Coach Troyan was there for me at a really difficult time in my life when my mother died of cancer in the fall semester of my sophomore year. I am very grateful to have a coach who always took care of my wellbeing and had absolute confidence in me and the decisions I had to make. Your support during this very difficult time in my life has been incredible. I am also grateful for the efforts that she has made to develop myself as a person and a leader as well as a basketball player. I know that she really cares about me as a person and has done a lot for me for which I will always be grateful.

What are your postgraduate plans?

MS: I plan to return to Minnesota after graduation to take a year off and work as a clerk to gain healthcare experience. I then plan to apply and go to a medical assistant school to get my master’s degree. My ultimate goal is to be a PA and work in the healthcare sector. I would also like to travel the world (especially Europe) if it is safe to do so.

# 44 Mary Clougherty – Guard – Herndon, Va. – Accounting

What is your favorite memory of Lehigh WBB so far? Why?

MC: Last year’s Seniors Day was a very, very fun game. This game is one of my favorite memories because Paige let go of Galiani and made six 3-pointers. She’s the best shooter I’ve ever played with and it was so fun to score that point.

Describe your relationship with Mariah Sexe.Mary Clougherty

MS: Mariah and I are lifelong friends. As our first summer roommates, our differences were highlighted pretty early on. We like to joke that this makes us better friends. But over the years I think we’ve found a lot more things to override than not. She is a sister to lean on, laugh with, and love forever.

Describe the feeling of going into senior citizenship. What are some of the thoughts that cross your mind as you near the end of your college career?

MC: It’s very surreal that when I was four years old, I almost finished college basketball. Basketball has always been such an important part of my life and I think even if I stop playing in college I will still play for fun and be a fan. To me, accomplishing the feat of being a college athlete is something I will remember forever.

What will you miss most about Lehigh Women’s Basketball?

MC: The team. I will miss hanging out with my teammates every day. Compete against them in practice. Compete with them in games. Even though I won’t see my teammates every day, I’ll keep them in my life anyway.

What did it mean for you personally and in terms of sport to have coach Troyan as head coach?

MC: Coach Troyan was very supportive at Lehigh. She has always pushed me to explore my interests outside of basketball and improve my game on the court. She gave me the opportunity to grow as a student, athlete and person.

What are your postgraduate plans?

MC: I hope to stay with Lehigh to do my Masters in Accounting and Information Analysis and take advantage of my final year of eligibility. If not, I plan to return to the DC area and become a CPA.

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