Visitors to Wind Creek Casino in Pennsylvania, 68, Bit State Trooper, say cops

Posted: Apr 16, 2021 1:16 am.

Last update on: April 16, 2021, 1:49 am.

A 68-year-old casino visitor reportedly bit a police officer on the hand during her arrest on Wednesday in Wind Creek Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The suspect, identified as Rui Y. Li, also allegedly spat in the soldier’s office on the playground.

Wind Creek Casino AttackA sign for the Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino, shown here. On the playground in Pennsylvania was a recalcitrant 68-year-old woman who allegedly had bitten a police officer. (Image: The Morning Call)

Previously, she allegedly hit a female casino security officer several times. At that moment, the soldier stepped in and tried to handcuff Li. But Li resisted.

Officials said they took Li to the soldier’s office soon. Eventually, the state police placed additional restrictions on the woman.

Li has been charged with multiple offenses, WFMZ, a local Pennsylvania television station, reported. These include crime, resistance to arrest, disorderly behavior, criminal mischief, and harassment.

Before the soldier was bitten, the officer saw the security officer try to lead Li on the casino floor.

Suspect reportedly refused to leave the casino

Security officers complained that Li was “unwilling to leave.” She has been asked to do so several times.

The casino employed a translator so that Li could understand the casino’s concerns. She used to display inappropriate behavior, casino security officials said. It was unclear what she had done to get her expelled from the casino.

After she was arrested, Li appeared in a local court. Bethlehem District Judge Roy A. Manwaring has ordered $ 25,000 bail. She was unable to bail at the end of that week and was held in Northampton County Prison.

She is due to return to court on April 28th. Li is scheduled to hold a preliminary hearing on the case that day, the WFMZ said.

Previous casino incident

In an unrelated incident, a Bethlehem, Penn. Mann was sentenced to at least 12 years in prison in January for the kidnapping and detention of a senior citizen at the casino.

Hykeem Sessoms, 39, reportedly stole $ 7 after terrorizing the victim. At the time she was 84 years old.

The incident occurred in December 2019. Sessoms followed the woman from the casino. She was there on Seniors Day.

Seniors take part in a raffle on this day. You can get $ 500 worth of slots for free.

The sacrifice had paid off. She then went to the garage on the third floor of the casino where her car was parked.

Sessoms crept up behind them, police said. He claimed he had a firearm, police added. He allegedly threatened to kill the woman unless she handed over money.

Sessoms then reportedly kicked her shin. She sagged and fell into the car before the painful attack.

Sessoms also sat in the car. He asked her to drive. Soon he hit her side of the head repeatedly, police said. He later stole $ 7 from her purse and fled, police said.

But sentencing Sessoms wasn’t the end of the case.

The victim, later identified as Jean Hartranft, and her husband Richard have filed a negligent lawsuit against Wind Creek.

The reasons for the lawsuit are that their employees should have stopped the robbery and attack with appropriate security and surveillance practices, they claim.

Instead, the casino later offered them a “free dinner as a cure,” according to The Morning Call in Pennsylvania.

Over a year after the ordeal, Jean Hartranft continues to need counseling for the trauma. She “now lives in constant fear, rarely leaves home, and often has flashbacks of the attack,” the lawsuit said.

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