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Cirque Alcatraz, presented by Cirque Italia from Sarasota, will take over the grounds of the Jet Blue Park from June 24th to 27th and begin with an extravaganza on the topic of “mature public”. PHOTO PROVIDED

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A unique live entertainment experience hits Fort Myers next weekend that is sure to amaze viewers.

Cirque Alcatraz, presented by Cirque Italia from Sarasota, will take over the area in Jet Blue Park from June 24th to 27th and bring an extravaganza for the mature audience with breathtaking tricks and a few laughs.

Embedded in the backdrop of the notorious Alcatraz prison, energetic acts swing from ropes, flip harnesses and whiz past on BMX bikes and roller skates – and really exceed the limits of the human body and mind.

“From the moment the guests arrive, it’s a very haunting experience.” said Steve Copeland, Cirque Alcatraz ringmaster, along with Ryan Combs.

Copeland and Combs (who, unlike Copeland, think they’re part of some sort of escape room, not a real prison) navigate hopefully through the prison to escape, with dangers and adventures lurking around every corner.

Before guests step into the tent, they watch the bus arrive full of occupants and even have a chance to interact with Alcatraz’s newest tenants.

“Or maybe be robbed” Combs joked.

The audience will enter the circus tent with a prison theme and be transported into a world in which there are not only die-hard, but also very talented people.

Scenes with astonishing balance, strength, athleticism, contortion and flight performances come to life in front of the audience.

“They are stackable” Combs quipped.

“It’s a sensational cast of people who do superhuman things” said Copeland. “We have bicycles that are ridden on a tightrope, people who walk upside down, people who shoot their wives with bows and arrows.”

While Copeland and Combs admit they aren’t part of the risky and daring acts, they certainly bring quite an entertainment factor.

“Our actors are really just world-class athletes, and then there’s Steve and I in our world-class dad bodies.” Combs said.

The show wears one “R” Rating, whereby people under the age of 17 require an accompanying parent or an adult legal guardian over the age of 21. Nobody under the age of 13 is admitted to the show. 13-17 years of age are welcome, but at the discretion of parents. The show includes adult language and material not intended for children under the age of 17.

“The show is sometimes scary, sometimes intense, sometimes silly, and when we’re up there it’s as far from sexy as you can get.” said Copeland. “But that’s okay because we have great personalities.”

The show even features original song and dance numbers from the couple.

“We’re like Broadway didn’t make any money” Combs joked.

In accordance with the COVID-19 protocols, the seating in the tent will be socially distant. Participants are advised to wear a mask in the tent, but this is not required. Artists and all staff at Cirque Alcatraz wear face covering for the safety of the public.

The troupe hopes the show will be a way for the community to come out and find entertainment at a time when many live shows and in-person events have had to be canceled due to the pandemic.

“I think everyone feels like they are in jail for the last year, and Crique Alcatraz gives people a nice cathartic way to come out and be set free. To laugh, cry, scream and cheer “ said Copeland. “It’s very unique. There’s no other show like this in the United States and I think people crave to be with other people and see live entertainment. It was sorely missed last year. “

Cirque Italia was founded by Manuel Rebecchi, nephew of Moira Orfei, the world famous queen of the Italian circus. Founded in 2012, the traveling entertainment company offers a European-style performance designed to delight audiences.

Cirque Italia has four different shows (Alcatraz, Paranormal, Water Circus Silver, Water Circus Gold) that travel the country to entertain near and far.

For more information on Cirque Alcatraz, Cirque Italia, and to purchase tickets ($ 10-50), visit or call 941-704-8572.

Jet Blue Park is located at 11500 Fenway South Drive in Fort Myers.

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