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Carroll County’s Board of County Commissioners has announced the promotion of Christopher Heyn to Director of the Department of Land and Resource Management.

Heyn has been acting director of the department since March 2021 and was promoted to director earlier this week. He joined Carroll County in 2010 as an Engineering Reviewer in the Bureau of Development Review and has since served in a number of other roles for the county, including a Watershed Restoration Engineer and Bureau Chief of the Bureau of Resource Management.

Commissioner Ed Rothstein, President of the Board of Commissioners, said, “Chris has done a great job as assistant director in managing land and resource management, and this promotion is well deserved. His education, knowledge and experience will play an important role in this critical role for the county. His proven ability to oversee the oversight, implementation and administration of zoning, development review, resource management and agriculture conservation programs in Carroll County makes him a valued member of our management team. “

According to Carroll County:

Mr. Heyn’s new title will give him managerial responsibility for the Bureau of Development Review, Agriculture Preservation and Zoning Administration.

Mr. Heyn earned a BS in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University and a MS in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Prior to his 11 years with Carroll County, he served as a technical consultant for 17 years.

Mr. Heyn and his wife have lived in Westminster since 1995. They have two sons who both graduated from Winters Mill High School. Her older son is currently studying environmental engineering at Clarkson University and her younger son is currently studying business law at Drexel University. Since both Mr. Heyn and his wife are registered professional engineers, it is not surprising that they are very proud of their Clarkson Knight and Drexel Dragon.

Please see the full press release for more information.

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