Born in Tomé, she is earning her MD / PhD | education

Ambrosia Simmons (née Amber Chacon Saavedra), a former resident of Tomé, recently received her PhD from Temple University in Philadelphia, Penn, Medical School.

Ambrosia received her PhD in biomedical sciences with a focus on neuroscience. She is currently in a one-year transitional residency at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Bethlehem, Penn. She then moves to Dallas, Texas to complete her training as a radiation oncologist at the University of Texas’ Southwestern Medical Center.

Ambrosia graduated from Los Lunas High School in 2007 and the University of Michigan in 2011 with a BSE in Chemical Engineering with Honors.

Ambrosia lives in Philadelphia with her husband Skyler Simmons and their three-year-old twins Dillon Michael and Diego Celso.

She is the daughter Cindy Chacon of Tomé and the granddaughter of Pearl Lucero, Mike Saavedra and Lillie Chacon.

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