Biden’s commitment to climate action a relief, but more needs to be done | Letter

When I was a kid, all of my family vacations were spinning outdoors. I fondly remember camping trips and hiking in national parks. These trips are the reason why the climate crisis is so important to me now. I want one day to be able to share these nature experiences with a family of my own.

The effects of climate change are becoming more apparent every year, with stories of floods, storms, and droughts across the country. Scientists warn that these effects will only get worse over time.

For this reason, I was so relieved that the von Biden government gave climate protection priority in its first week of office by re-joining the Paris Agreement and stopping new oil and gas drilling leases for federal states.

Of course, there is still much to be done and action Pennsylvania needs to take to do its part to combat the climate crisis.

I encourage my elected state and federal officials to prioritize even bolder solutions to address the climate crisis, such as: B. to switch to 100% renewable energies as quickly as possible and thus protect the planet and its climate for present and future generations.

Erin Skibbens

Lehigh University Class from 2021

Salisbury Parish

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