5.7.21: PA Mitigation Measures, CRT Updates

Dear Members of the Lehigh Community and Lehigh Families,

This week we conclude the last week of classes of the spring semester before the final exams. During this busy time, we take a break to applaud the entire community for their efforts to have a safe and prosperous year. This semester, like the previous one, had its challenges, but we are optimistic about the future and are grateful for the important role students, faculties and staff have played in bringing us to this point. We also look forward to recognizing the great achievements of our graduates in just a few weeks. We have a lot to celebrate.

Current status

Student surveillance tests this week show a positivity rate of 0.41%. The Lehigh COVID Dashboard To date, there are a total of 10 active cases for students on and off campus and 0 active cases for faculty and staff. View the current campus status.

PA mitigation protocols

This week, Governor Wolf announced All COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, restaurants, and businesses will be lifted in Pennsylvania on May 31st. The masking order will remain in place until 70% of Pennsylvania adults are fully vaccinated.

Lehigh guidelines

Corporations and private entities in the Commonwealth can set their own health and safety guidelines. We have already reduced some university restrictions, such as: B. the size of gatherings, and we have promoted activities on campus primarily through outdoor gatherings. The university in summer will begin a gradual return to work on campus.

The COVID Response Team will continue to maintain or adjust policies based on the most current health guidelines, taking into account our context as a residential university and prioritizing health and safety for all students, faculties and staff.

For the foreseeable future, we expect Lehigh gatherings, meetings, and classrooms to require the wearing of masks indoors. People who are alone in the open air no longer have to wear a mask. However, individuals should continue to wear face covering when they are <6 feet from another person and therefore always carry a mask with them.

As more members of our community get vaccinated and conditions change, we will continue to reconsider existing protocols for reducing health risks. The resources and FAQs too the COVID Information website vaccinations in particular are constantly updated and we recommend that you check them out the information published there for the latest guidelines and information.

Virtual discussion in autumn 2021

In the past week, members of the COVID response team and university directors hosted a virtual discussion for current students about autumn and what to expect in terms of housing, food, academics, student life, and health and wellness. All community members are encouraged to do so Look at the recordingThis gives an overview of what a “return to normal” will look like throughout the university.

Memories for students

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