SmartPass technology helps local schools with contact tracing

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – As more students move from virtual learning to class, three tech-savvy college students have developed a software program on-site to help schools keep students safe.

It’s known as the SmartPass, which is a virtual hallway pass that eliminates the need for students to linger in the hallways.

The technology was developed by high school friends who attended Methacton High School in Montgomery County: Dhruv Sringari, Peter Luba, and William Gulian.

“It’s really helping schools across COVID manage their student movement,” said Sringari, a junior at Penn State University.

Thanks to the tracking system installed on their Chromebooks, teachers know exactly where their students are at all times.

The premise is to avoid having too many children in the hallway or bathroom at the same time. It also helps schools manage contract tracking.

SmartPass, known as the virtual hall receipt, has been in the works for three years. The creators began working on it in high school with the help of their assistant headmaster.

The college science majors say it started during the pandemic with more than 200,000 students and faculties across the country using it.

“I think we even have a school in Canada, which is amazing. The schools will only reach us through our website. We do very little marketing,” said Luba, a junior at Lehigh University.

The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf uses the technology. Creators say 10 schools in the Philadelphia area are using SmartPass.

SmartPass costs schools $ 2 per student. The college’s creators say the money goes a long way in getting them through school.

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