PA Heart Surgeon Launches Bid For Governor

The renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Nche Zama submitted an offer for the governor of Pennsylvania.

Cameroon born Dr. Zama immigrated to the United States at the age of 14 and worked in several state hospitals, including the Aria Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, the York Hospital in York, Guthrie and Arnot Health, and the Pocono Heart and Vascular Institute in East Stroudsburg, ABC Reports.

Dr. Zama describes himself as “a passionate advocate of excellence in education, technology, business and healthcare” Campaign website says.

“Pennsylvania has been sick for too long,” he said. “Our economy, schools, and health systems have been down for years while Harrisburg is in a coma.

“I am running for governor to lead the indictment and address these and other grievances that this great Commonwealth is facing.”

One of the top priorities of Dr. Zama is to make sure Pennsylvania residents recognize the importance of education.

“Pennsylvania should be the leader in education. Unfortunately we fell behind, ”he said. “I want to work with our great teachers to provide every child in our Commonwealth with access to resources and opportunities to prepare them for a better future.”

Health reform is also on Dr. Zama. especially to make medical treatment more accessible and affordable for “vulnerable” groups.

“It is heartbreaking when someone has to make a financial choice between buying the drugs they need and feeding their family,” he said.

“We will seize every opportunity to reduce healthcare costs and achieve the best outcomes for everyone, especially our most vulnerable people: the elderly, veterans, our children and the economically disadvantaged among us.”

At the same time, Dr. Zama strategies to “embark on a new course in corporate support” through the “high-performance teams” of his administration.

“As governor, I will pursue aggressive strategies to address existing business inequalities and allocate appropriate resources to nurture and support them,” he said.

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