Martin Bauers Bethlehem, Penn. The system completes the installation of the agile filling system

The Martin Bauer Group, a global manufacturer and supplier of high quality tea and botanicals, has announced the installation of a filling line at their facility in Bethlehem, Penn. The system is similar to that of the recently acquired Power Brands – a leading beverage innovation company based in Los Angeles – and thus offers its customers double coastal coverage.

The Pennsylvania facility opened a little over two years ago and is backed by an experienced technical team and an unrivaled line of real brewed and herbal teas. Since then, it has further strengthened its formulation and processing support, expanded its capabilities to include concentrates and fully formulated beverages, and can now offer end-to-end services under one roof with one filling line. This strengthens Martin Bauer’s reputation as the leading provider of beverage solutions in the USA.

The newest filling line from Martin Bauer North America was intentionally designed for flexibility as tea and plants are increasingly represented in all beverage segments. The hot fill line can handle 10-32 ounces. PET, HDPE and glass bottles with different basic sizes, shapes and closures. This system, when combined with our West Coast bottling lines, allows the company to accommodate virtually any beverage: bottle or can, carbonated or non-carbonated, hot or cold fill, 1 ounce-1 gallon. From small-scale pilot production for startups to expanded production for established brands, the coast-to-coast bottling network can handle a wide variety of packaging for RTDs, syrups and foodservice solutions in one seamless process, accelerating time to market and reducing costs.

“Our goal is to solve the unique challenges faced at every point in the beverage industry. With our domestic customers in mind, we are continually expanding and strengthening our powerful raw materials platform, five production centers and an unparalleled team of beverage scientists, ”noted Ennio Ranaboldo, CEO of the Martin Bauer Group in North America. “As innovation reached new heights in the industry, we realized that an agile system that focused on custom batches for small to medium runs was needed to keep up. We are excited to meet this need with our newest bottling line in Pennsylvania and to continue expanding our commitment as a solution provider for all beverage manufacturers, from formulation companies to brands. “

About the Martin Bauer Group

The Martin Bauer Group has stood for expertise in first-class botanical solutions worldwide since 1930. We work with our customers to develop bespoke solutions for the tea, food and beverage, nutritional supplements and animal nutrition industries. Our products are made from responsible, high-quality botanical raw materials from more than 80 countries that are gently processed to ensure that their beneficial properties are retained. With more than 25 production sites and sales units worldwide, we are always on the pulse of our customers’ local markets. Our goal is to promote creativity and innovation for the successful products of tomorrow. More than 4,000 employees worldwide – many of them with decades of experience – work to secure your competitive advantage. The Martin Bauer Group, a fourth generation family company, is part of the nature network®.

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