Lehigh topped by Bucknell in Lewisburg; Mountain Hawks win eight total events

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LEWISBURG, Pennsylvania – At the second meeting of the year, the men’s and women’s swim and dive team from Lehigh traveled to Lewisburg for a personal showdown on Saturday afternoon. The women’s team suffered a 175-119 loss, while the men’s lost a 192-89 loss to the bison. During the day, the Mountain Hawks won a total of eight events. The women won five events and the men won three events.

Starting with the women, senior Ann Foley was one of the key contributors of the day. Foley won two individual competitions in the 50 free spins (04/24) and the 100 free spins (52.24), while he also finished second in the 200 free spins with 1: 54.57. Anna Thomas also scored a victory for the brown-whites in the 200 IM (2: 13.32), while the first swimmer Kelsey Thompson took second place in the same event with 2: 14.65.

The Lehigh women also won two seasons in the afternoon. In the 200 layer relay, Anna Francisco, Sam Gallego, Malia Wolf and Noel Fresa won the group with a time of 1: 47.24. then Olivia Giampietro, Sarah Manthorp, Foley and Fresa von Lehigh won the 200th season in 1: 37.97.

Senior Francisco also drove back a second place in the 100 with 58.30, while Wolf achieved second place in the 200 flier with 2: 07.96 and in the 100 flier with 58.36.

In the 1000 free, the second Sarah Hardy finished third with a score of 10: 53.63, while the second Hallie Wilson also came third in the 200 back with 2: 08.01. In the chest of 200, the senior took third place with a time of 2: 28.77.

On the men’s side, the brown-whites switched three victories that day. One of the victories came in the 200th free relay, and then Senior Max Goldenberg took two individual victories. Goldenberg won the 200 IM at 1: 58.50 and the 100 at 50.85. The free season won in 200 (1: 25.33) was contributed by Alex Patti, Keagan Casey, Collin Hanlon and Glenn Lasco.

The junior Lasco recorded a whole day for himself, as he was not only a member of the victorious 200 free relay, but also took three second places in individual competitions. In the 200 free, Lascos time of 1: 45.25 was enough for second place. Lasco also scored second in the 50 free spins at 21.25 and the 100 free spins at 46.91.

Connor Sept was second in the 200 breaststroke with a time of 2: 15.16. Sept then posted a fourth place in the 100 chest at 1:01 a.m. Casey, the first year swimmer for Lehigh, scored a second in the 1000 free run at 10:06:33 AM. The Senior Feryo finished second on the 200 back at 1: 57.99. Another impressive swimmer in the first year, Casey, also took second place in the 500-free at 4: 52.06.

In the 200 fly, Connor Drucis landed in third place with a time of 1: 59.37. Then the Lehigh group of Caleb Eberly, Goldenberg, Feryo and Sept finished third with a time of 1: 36.44 in the 200 layer relay.

Next, Lehigh will return to Jacobs Pool for a virtual meeting with the Colgate Raiders next Saturday.

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