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John Cheplick, 69, of San Anselmo, Calif., passed away on Sept. 25, 2022, surrounded by his family. Born April 6, 1953, son of the late John and Evelyn Pronko Cheplick, he grew up in Peckville, and was a proud member of championship football teams at Valley View and Blakely high schools, and was the recipient of the James “Hookey” Reap Award his senior year. After graduating from Lehigh University, where he majored in economics, he worked with a financial firm in Newark, NJ, and then moved to San Francisco. In 1981, he started his own company, Pensionalysis, which administers retirement plans for small and medium-sized businesses across the Bay Area. For more than 40 years, he loved helping his clients fund retirement benefit plans for themselves and their employees. He took great pride in forging lifelong client relationships and managing his business.

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