4.7.21: UPDATE: Bethlehem Health Bureau COVID Vaccine Clinics for Lehigh Faculty & Staff

Dear Colleagues,

With all staff and faculties including RA / GA / TAs now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, we wanted to share some news about vaccine access.

Bethlehem Health Bureau vaccination clinics
Thanks to your survey responses, the health bureau has determined that two vaccination clinics will be established with priority registration for the Lehigh faculty and staff.

The clinics will be held on April 14th and 16th at the Wind Creek Event Center. To register, please use the following links:

● Registration on April 14th (10: 00-4: 00 a.m.)
● Registration on April 16 (10:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m.)

To ensure that appointments for these specific clinics are prioritized for Lehigh staff and faculties, please do not share these registration links with anyone other than Lehigh staff. We thank the Bethlehem Health Bureau and the many volunteers who occupy their clinics for their partnership.

In preparation for April 19th, which is open to all, the health bureau is working on vaccination options for students. We will communicate with the Lehigh community as new information becomes available.

There are many other providers and vaccination clinics that have the vaccine as well. The offer may vary depending on the location. Visit the Commonwealth page for more information. The Lehigh website will be updated with all Lehigh-specific vaccination guidelines and information.

Time away from work for vaccination
Regardless of where you will be vaccinated, staff will need to consider their time if the appointment falls during the work day. All employees should treat this appointment like any other medical appointment. If you are able to extend your time, you can do so with the approval of your manager. Otherwise, you can take sick leave or other approved leave.

When you have exhausted your sick leave, you can apply for time at the COVID-related sick leave bank. To access this vacation, please complete this form.

Lehigh encourages all staff and faculty members to get vaccinated against COVID-19. All vaccines currently available in the US are safe and highly effective in preventing serious illness, hospitalization, and death from the virus. Widespread vaccination in our community is key to our ability to return to regular campus operations.

With best regards,

Nathan Urban
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Chris Halladay
Associate Vice President Human Resources

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