3.18.21: Anti-Asian Bias and Violence

Anti-Asian prejudice and violence

Dear members of the Lehigh Community,

We are writing to express sadness and horror at the recent murders of eight people in Georgia, including six Asian women. The reported rise in anti-Asian bias and violence in the US that preceded these incidents is deeply worrying. We stand in solidarity with the members of the Lehigh community who identify as Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islanders and condemn these acts of anti-Asian discrimination and violence. Identity and race-based violence has no place in our community, state, or nation.

Reports of such incidents can be traumatizing and unsettling, especially for members of target audiences. Support services are available and we urge students to turn to the counseling and psychology services. Faculty and staff resources can be accessed through the staff assistance program.

Lehigh University urges faculties, staff, and students who experience or experience prejudice, harassment, or discrimination to promptly report such behavior so that it can be addressed and resources and support can be provided by contacting Equal Opportunity Compliance Contact the Coordinator (EOCC) and report incidents using Lehigh’s web-based reporting form or by contacting the Lehigh Univesity Police Department (LUPD) at (610) 758-4200 or the HawkWatch app.

With best regards,

Donald A. Excursion
Vice President for Equity & Community

Cheryl Matherly
Vice President / Vice Provost, International Affairs

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