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There is so much noise around right now “Right to vote”.

Let us now consider “Voter Responsibility”.

While it is the responsibility of every citizen to vote, it is an even greater responsibility to vote intelligently with a reasonably clear and complete understanding of the real issues, as opposed to the nonsensical and highly weird versions that are intended to mislead and deceive and which are endless being hyped and force-fed by special interests, typically but not exclusively by Big Wealth.

Some of the right-wing media should focus entirely on The Comedy Hour! Unfortunately, some are even worse and nearing total crime and riot!

In the past, the right appropriately appealed its honest positions to the electorate, but more recently the right has been corrupted – initially only in a subordinate way, à la Soapman Reagan, but now in a critical way, using the example of Trumpoison. You are now endangering the cohesion of our ailing nation, a la 2021 06.01.

So let’s temporarily drop the tattered banner of electoral rights until we have fully respected the concept of electoral responsibility – not to mention that politicians of ALL stripes practice what could be called campaign honor. Just imagine that.

Allen N. Wollscheidt

Cape Coral

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