Teen Girl Needs Formula, PA Mom Explains On TODAY Show

Amid the recent baby formula shortage, parents are speaking out about children and adults who require the food to live, according to a report by the TODAY show.

Pennsylvania parents Devon McCollum and Natasha Hall spoke to the outlet about their 13-year-old daughter, who has a condition where benign tumors grow throughout her body — including her brain, which has caused her to develop epilepsy.

The Enola- based couple helps their daughter manage her condition with a strict keto diet relying on formula, the outlet reports.

People who use formula usually are advised to use one specific brand in a certain amount, and that is no different for Charlotte.

Luckily, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia transitioned her to a new formula, but Hall warningly told the outlet — everyone suddenly swapping to a certain brand also “puts such a strain on the company to try and produce now suddenly for everybody,” Hall said. ” As a result, we didn’t get a formula delivery for a month.”

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