Reviews: Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead & More

This week we’ve compiled critical reviews of Taylor Swift’s live performances in Columbus, Ohio for your reading enjoyment. Harry Styles in San Jose, California; Kendrick Lamar in Perth, Australia; Radio in New York; The Struts in Bethlehem, Penn .; and Weezer in Burgettstown, Penn.

Rick Scuteri / Invision / APTaylor Swiftstarts her reputation tour in Glendale, Arizona. Taylor Swift @ Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, July 7th – “Because of its production alone, the concert was more exciting than the best Red, White and Boom. It also raised the bar high for Madonna, who seems to resemble Taylor’s personality these days as she tries again to rule pop music quarters. – Curtis Schieber / The Columbus Dispatch
Harry Styles @ SAP Center in San Jose, Calif., July 11th – “While Styles appeared a bit shy, insecure, and definitely without stage presence or charisma on the first visit, he was confident, even-tempered, and full of energy when he returned. “The biggest surprise this time? He was able to compensate for his still rather thin songbook, which mainly comes from his only solo set, last year’s 10-song debut of the same name. He definitely couldn’t do that in September and it basically sunk the show. “- Jim Harrington / Bay Area News GroupKendrick Lamar at the Perth Arena in Perth, Australia, July 10th -” So if you came to the first Aussie show on his highly hyped DAMN tour on Tuesday night and were expecting the kind of production values ​​that normally the best artists are Bring you to Perth Arena, you may have been disappointed. The band was limited to the stage wings and the setup was simple, with a faux kung fu movie and an occasional lone dancer as the only real visual fodder. “Instead of overwhelming the sold-out show, the light display got full focus on Lamar’s technical prowess and poignant lyrics. “- Jessie Papain / The Western AustralianKendrick LamarMatt Sayles / Invision / APKendrick LamarKendrick Lamar gives an impressive opening performance at the Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden in NYC on January 28th.Radiohead @ Madison Square Garden Arena, New York, New York, July 11 – “The audience seemed to hold onto every word he sang during the nearly 150-minute performance. Yorke wasn’t in a chatty mood on Wednesday, but he took a few opportunities to thank the crowd and introduced the group by saying, “The name of this band is Radiohead. Hope you came to the right show. “- Bryan Lasky / JamBaseThe Struts @ Musikfest Cafe at the ArtsQuest Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, July 10th The band did a 14-minute version of Bruce Springsteen’s” Dancing in the Dark, “in which Spiller even took a girl out of the audience to dance with him – just like Springsteen did with Courtney Cox in his 1984 video for the song. “- John J. Moser / The Morning CallWeezer @ KeyBank Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, July 10 -” Weezer, at least on this tour, has embraced the Steve Miller strategy of instantly playing a large number of hits with the crowd on their feet and held it there when the glorious romp from ‘Buddy Holly’ ended with confetti streamers raining on the crowd, followed by the heady pounding of ‘Beverly Hills’ with Brian Bell doing a Frampton-esque guitar talk box. Weezer then served “Pork and Beans”, “Undone” (aka “The Sweater Song”) and “Hash Pipe”, all alternative rock staples. “- Scott Tady / The Beaver County Times

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