Peppy Pennsylvania Pug’s Obituary, Funeral Photos Go Viral

A peppy Pennsylvania Pug who recently passed away is earning national attention for his heartfelt obituary written by its loving owner.

Dexter Beville, 7, died on April 27 in the arms of Allentown owner Tim Beville, Jr., according to his obituary.

The pug was honored with a funeral that Beville shared on Facebook.

The post was shared more than 82,000 times and received 51 million likes on Sunday afternoon.

Dexter’s obituary reminds him of a “cute and loving” part of the family who loved singing along to YouTube videos and playing with toys.

“Dexter was born in Bethlehem, PA to Galaxy and the late Leinda Rockmore,” the obit reads.

“Dexter has been a member of the family since he was nine years old. There was never a day when he didn’t do anything that put a smile on my face and even made me laugh …

“He always fell asleep on his back with all four legs in the air. He liked to drive, but hated the rain. He loved lying on the couch so he could look out the window and watch the boys across the street Street by the barber shop. “

Click here for Dexter’s full obituary.

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