Mountain Hawks Find Success at Annual Lehigh Invitational

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BETHLEHEM, Pa. – The Lehigh men’s tennis team hosted its annual Lehigh Invitational this weekend, competing against Colgate, Fairfield and Villanova in a hidden dual format. The Mountain Hawks concluded the weekend with 18 total victories.

Against Patriot League rival Colgate, Lehigh picked up one doubles win and four singles wins. During doubles action senior Jeremy Learner and first-year Wyeth Anzilotti picked up a 6-3 win at the No. 1 spot.

In singles, Anzilotti and fellow first-year Jackson Morash both picked up wins in their first matches at the Lewis Tennis Center. Anzilotti defeated Colgate’s Mike Thomas 8-7 at the No. 3 spot while Morash defeated Jack Selate 8-6 at the No. 2 spot. Junior Jordan Paul and senior Michael Bukhalo also picked up wins against the Raiders. Paul defeated Aidan Lee 8-6 in the fourth flight while Bukhalo defeated Tejas Gupta 8-3 in the sixth flight.

The Mountain Hawks went undefeated against Fairfield during doubles due to the Stags defaulting all four flights. During singles play, Learner and Paul picked up two more wins for Lehigh alongside first-year Aristotelis Bezianis, who defeated Fairfield’s Stefan Mitrovic 8-1 at the No. 5 flights.

Lehigh also competed against Villanova this weekend, securing one doubles win and five singles wins against the Wildcats. During doubles, Bezianis and senior Steven Nazaroff defeated Villanova’s Justin Suarez and Cooper Gordan 7-6.

Anzilotti picked up his second singles win of the weekend against Tighe Brunetti, defeating him 8-2 in the third flight. Paul continued his singles winning streak, going 3-0 on the weekend with an 8-7 win against Villanova’s Suarez.

Bezianis also secured his second singles win of the weekend, defeating Gordan 8-4 at the No. 5 spot. Bukhalo and Nazaroff were the final Mountain Hawks to pick up single wins against the Wildcats, defeating Villanova opponents in the sixth and seventh flight, respectively.

Lehigh will close out the fall season at the ITA Regional Championships next weekend. The Mountain Hawks will travel to Philadelphia on Friday, Oct. 7 to kick off competition.

Lehigh vs Colgate

  1. Learner/Morash (Lehigh) def. Thomas/Selati (Colgate) 6-3
  2. Litton/Lee (Colgate) def. Anzilotti/Paul 7-6
  3. Chung/Israel (Colgate) def. Benzianis/Nazaroff (Lehigh) 6-4
  4. Caldwell/Vlassis (Colgate) def. Bukhalo/Donovan (Lehigh) 6-3


  1. Max Litton (Colgate) def. Jeremy Learner (Lehigh) 8-6
  2. Jackson Morash (Lehigh) def. Jack Selati (Colgate) 8-6
  3. Wyeth Anzilotti (Lehigh) def. Mike Thomas (Colgate) 8-7
  4. Jordan Paul (Lehigh) def. Aidan Lee (Colgate) 8-6
  5. Ben Graham (Colgate) def. Aristotelis Benzianis (Lehigh) 8-7
  6. Michael Bukhalo (Lehigh) def. Tejas Gupta (Colgate) 8-3
  7. Benito Vlassis (Colgate) def. Steven Nazaroff (Lehigh) 8-4
  8. Mikey Weltz (Colgate) def. Luke Donovan (Lehigh) 8-5

Lehigh vs Fairfield

  1. Learner/Morash (Lehigh) – Default
  2. Benzianis/Nazaroff (Lehigh) – Default
  3. Anzilotti/Paul (Lehigh) – Default
  4. Bukhalo/Donovan (Lehigh) – Default


  1. Jeremy Learner (Lehigh) def. Jonathan Olive Blanco (Fairfield) 8-7
  2. Sam Hodges (Fairfield) def. Jackson Morash (Lehigh) 8-3
  3. Will O’Brien (Fairfield) def. Wyeth Anzilotti (Lehigh) 8-3
  4. Jordan Paul (Lehigh) def. Kostas Kollas (Fairfield) 8-7
  5. Aristotelis Bezianis (Lehigh) def. Stefan Mitrovic (Fairfield) 8-1
  6. Griffin Schiesginer (Fairfield) def. Michael Bukhalo (Lehigh) 8-6
  7. Andrew Immink (Fairfield) def. Steven Nazaroff (Lehigh) 8-4
  8. Alex Agular (Fairfield) def. Luke Donovan (Lehigh) 8-6

Lehigh vs Villanova

  1. Robinson/Winton (Villanova) def. Learner v Morash (Lehigh) 6-3
  2. Fourticq/Brunetti (Villanova) def. Anzilotti/Paul (Lehigh) 6-1
  3. Benzianis/Nazaroff (Lehigh) def. Suarez-Gordan (Villanova) 7-6
  4. Choi/Procurate (Villanova) def. Bukhalo/Donovan (Lehigh) 6-4


  1. Josh Robinson (Villanova) def. Jeremy Learner (Lehigh) 8-3
  2. Trey Fourticq (Villanova) def. Jackson Morash (Lehigh) 8-1
  3. Wyeth Anzilotti (Lehigh) def. Tighe Brunetti (Villanova) 8-2
  4. Jordan Paul (Lehigh) def. Justin Suarez (Villanova) 8-7
  5. Aristotelis Bezianis (Lehigh) def. Cooper Gordan (Villanova) 8-4
  6. Michael Bukhalo (Lehigh) def. Ryan Nguyen (Villanova) 8-3
  7. Steven Nazaroff (Lehigh) def. Luke Choi (Villanova) 8-4
  8. Alex Kim (Villanova) def. Luke Donovan (Lehigh) 8-7

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