LANTA presents innovative bus stop furniture

A nationwide first SolStop bank was launched in Bethlehem, Penn, according to Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority (LANTA).

The new transit equipment includes a two-seater bench, contact-free activation of a solar light and permanent lane signage for routes serving the location.

SolStop Bench, a product by Brasco, International of Michigan, enables us to provide comfort and added security when space doesn’t allow for a more traditional bus shelter, said Owen P. O’Neil, Executive Director of LANTA.

O’Neil was accompanied to a brief ribbon cutting event by Bethlehem Councilor Olga Negron and Angelina Cardona, whose Bodega La Familia is in front of the bank.

“Many factors have to come together to make this project a reality. You need to have the right location, the right product, the community support and the support of the neighboring owner, ”said O’Neil. “We’re here today because we found one of those unicorn moments where all of these factors came together.”

Cardona thanked LANTA for choosing their location for the first SolStop. In return, AJ Jordan, Manager for Planning and Scheduling at LANTA, thanked Cardona for their support for the “Realization of SolStop Bench” in Lehigh Valley. Before the reduction in COVID-19 driver numbers, the bus stop served around 14,000 passengers annually.

Jordan also said LANTA is installing this new concept “as a pilot project and will evaluate its performance in the coming months. If the product is well received, LANTA will continue to search for suitable locations in its service area in Lehigh and Northampton Counties. “

In a statement from Brasco International added: “Unlike the traditional SolStop with a push button activated sensor, the motion activated sensor does not require users to physically touch any part of this public device. Brasco’s goal for the Touchless SolStop is to stop the spread of virus-causing germs such as COVID-19 at bus stops while at the same time offering the public innovative solar lighting solutions. “

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