Jesus M. Salas Discusses GameStop Stock with InvestorPlace

InvestorPlace has posted comments from Jesus M. Salas, associate professor of finance, in the article “Don’t buy GameStop stock until the company has a good plan”.

In this article, Salas explains why GameStop stock will continue to fall.

“While GME’s share price is still relatively high, it is very unlikely that GME will be very successful anytime soon. This is probably not news to someone who’s been paying attention to what’s going on with GME.” said Salas.

Salas predicts a significant drop in GameStop stock prices in the near future.

“Some investors were aware of the significant short positions in GME and wanted to take advantage of them. Trading in anticipation of a possible short squeeze is not crazy, but it could backfire. It’s very difficult to get a $ 300 stock price for GME in The most likely scenario for GME is that it will go back below $ 10 in the near future. “

The full article can be read on the InvestorPlace website.

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