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Starting Monday, the Florida Governmental Utility Authority will perform a system flush and temporarily change the disinfection process for the drinking water supply in the Lehigh Acres service area.

This temporary change in disinfection is expected to end on Sunday, October 3rd.

The FGUA carries out system flushes as part of its prudent care practice. Flushing removes sediments from the system that have been in the pipes for a long time. Sediment remaining in the pipes has caused odor and discoloration in some communities due to the decay of chlorine used to treat the water.

If the FGUA temporarily changes the disinfection process, the water is disinfected with free chlorine and not with combined chlorine / ammonia (chloramines). This conversion to free chlorine (a stronger, faster-acting disinfectant) from chloramines (a longer-lasting disinfectant) enables the FGUA to perform a flush of the water distribution system as recommended by the Department of the Environment for water utilities using chloramines as the primary disinfectant.

This process will not have any negative health effects. During this time, however, customers may notice some discoloration and / or cloudiness in their drinking water, they may also notice air pockets in the system. The discoloration and air are harmless. If so, customers may want to run water through the faucet until it runs clear. There may also be temporary fluctuations in water pressure or a slight increase in the taste and smell of chlorine in some areas.

Customers using tap water for kidney dialysis at home should carefully monitor their process to completely neutralize disinfectant residues and contact their doctor for more information. The customer should call the FGUA at (239) 368-1615 or visit the FGUA website at www.FGUA.com for more information about this procedure with any questions.

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