DIEAR – Lehigh University Athletics

A Declaration of Our Commitment to Inclusive Excellence and to an Equitable Community of Learners

The Lehigh Athletics Department is committed to cultivating an inclusive, equitable, and actively anti-racist community. Consistent with our belief in “a better me is a better we,” we acknowledge that our devotion to inclusive excellence and substantive transformation requires individual and collective action and accountability. in this way, we affirm that diverse perspectives, personal histories, identities, and experiences are essential to a vibrant and compelling community. We vehemently disavow hate, bigotry, racism, and white supremacy. We pledge to center the voices of our BIPOC community and historically underrepresented groups. In order to model transparency and courageous leadership, we will critically examine, challenge, and dismantle institutional and departmental structures, programs, policies, and practices that have perpetuated inequities, injustices and systemic exclusion. We value our complex history and embrace the charge to engage in a collaborative, sustainable, and innovative process of inclusive growth and competitive achievement. We renew our promise to foster a diverse and equitable community of learners in which our student-athletes, coaches, staff, alumni, and constituencies can learn, grow, and lead together. We strive to do better together.

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