Man Bites Lehigh Valley Hospital Security Officer, attacks state troopers

The man acted erratically and reportedly told responding state troops that he had smoked a cigarette dipped in PCP.

Bethlehem, Penn. – A Pennsylvania man is charged after allegedly attacking two state troops while being arrested and later biting a hospital security officer.

George Stokes, 53, was arrested by Pennsylvania State Troopers at a Lehigh County hotel on Sunday morning after authorities were called into the facility three times – twice by Stokes himself, the WFMZ reports.

The first time Stokes told the soldiers that he had been attacked by an unknown person and showed the police what they thought was an old wound on his back. Stokes also allegedly told soldiers that he smoked a cigarette dipped in PCP, a mind-altering drug. When he refused to work together, the soldiers left.

A short time later, Stokes called back but refused to let them in and told them he wanted to speak to the “real police”. Within 20 minutes, the police received another call from hotel staff, after which Stokes had appeared in the lobby and was disturbing the guests.

After several bizarre interactions, including trying to get into a soldier’s patrol car to drive themselves to the hospital, officers attempted to arrest Stokes, but he resisted, poking one soldier in the face and throwing another in the Rear of a vehicle. After several attempts to use a stun gun were reportedly unsuccessful, officers attacked Stokes and gave him a dose of ketamine to calm him down.

Stokes was then taken to the nearby Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg for assessment. Hospital employees later contacted state police saying Stokes tried to leave the hospital. When the police arrived, Stokes reportedly said, “I’m not going. It’s going to be a fight. “

During a 10-minute fight, the officers again used a stun gun on Stokes, which, according to the criminal complaint, had little or no effect. When the officers fought with him on the ground, the hospital security tried to help. A second stun gun was used but failed again to subjugate Stokes, who then allegedly bit a security guard’s hand and drew blood. Another security guard reportedly sustained a knee injury during the fight.

Stokes was charged with aggravated assault and offenses for simple assault and resisting the arrest. According to WFMZ, a judge has set his bail at $ 20,000. He failed to bail and was taken to Lehigh County Jail to await a preliminary hearing scheduled for September 11th.

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