$5 Million Gift from the Iacocca Family Foundation

Cheryl Matherly, Vice President and Vice Province of International Affairs, said the foundation will “carry on the rich tradition that Lee Iacocca began when he funded the Iacocca Institute, Global Village and the Iacocca International Internship program at a time when universities were doing it not really thinking ”. about experience-based international learning.

“So many of the programs that make Lehigh a global institution are down to his vision. I cannot think of a better way to recognize and honor Lee’s legacy of Lehigh as a global institution than to secure the future of the Iacocca Institute and the other intense cross-cultural leadership programs for which it has been a catalyst, “she said.

The Iacocca Institute runs innovative programs that combine immersion in an extremely diverse community with learning experiences in leadership, entrepreneurship and more. It offers year-round online and summer housing programs for adults and students from the United States and around the world.

The institute’s flagship program, Global Village, was launched in 1997 with the help of Iacocca and has more than 2,250 Alumni from 141 Countries. It’s an intense, five-week program on the Lehigh University campus that teaches adults business, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills while preparing them to thrive in a global community.

“The foundation expands our ability to be a center for global leadership innovation and create environments and experiences that begin a lifelong journey for participants in a global network,” said Kira Mendez, director of the Iacocca Institute. “It changes the way you see who you are in the world and what you can do.”

A Lehigh legacy

Lehigh was of lifelong importance to Lido “Lee” Iacocca ’45, a dedicated philanthropist, visionary automaker, and influential business leader who was considered one of the greatest CEOs of all time. The native Allentowner graduated with a in 1945 B.Achelor of S.Degree in industrial engineering.

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