1.4.22: Reminder: 10 Days Remain to Upload your COVID Booster Documentation

Dear first-year students and PhD students,

Please ignore this message if you have already documented your COVID booster.

the January 14 deadline uploading the documentation of your COVID booster to the portal of the Health and Wellness Center (HWC) is getting closer and closer: There are still 10 days to submit your information in the patient portal. Please follow these instructions carefully to complete this process.

As a reminder, Lehigh requires all eligible students, faculty, and staff who have not received an approved medical or religious exemption to purchase a COVID booster for the spring semester of 2022 as an extension of the university’s compulsory COVID vaccination. Anyone 18 years of age or older who has passed six months after their first Pfizer or Moderna streak, or two months after their first J&J vaccine, is eligible for a COVID booster. Students entitled to a booster vaccination AFTER January 14th must receive their booster vaccination and provide documentation within 14 days of receiving the entitlement.

If you’ve received a medical or religious exemption from COVID vaccination, you don’t need to get a booster vaccination or take any further action. If your medical or religious circumstances have changed since you received the original vaccination series and you intend to apply for a new medical or religious refreshment waiver, you will need to provide additional information as described in the FAQs linked in our vaccination resources are Center: “Can I apply for a medical or religious exemption for the COVID booster?”

Thank you for your immediate attention on this important step to get back to campus in a few weeks.

– COVID response team

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