Union Street Studio To Open Saturday, ‘Add Joy’ To Doylestown

DOYLESTOWN, PA – Kristine Aylmer will fulfill a decades-long dream when she opens the doors to the Union Street Studio in Doylestown on Saturday.

Admired by her family for her ability to plan events and manage fundraisers, the former teacher is ready to transfer her talents into the professional world.

Union Street Studio at 224 N. Main St. will be a creative space that will “make people’s lives happy,” said Aylmer through a variety of programs, workshops, and meetings.

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The studio can also be rented as a location for special events and parties, or whatever customers want to do with the room. Union Street Studio is “a communal space that brings people together with love, acceptance and creativity,” she said.

Aylmer will run two afternoon programs – one on Mondays and Wednesdays, the other on Tuesdays and Thursdays – that will allow children to work in a variety of art forms. She also plans to hold “DIY Days” for children to learn how to make jewelry and magnetic flowers, draw with chalk, make decoupage and much more.

Aylmer plans to keep Fridays open for programs that allow children with special needs to socialize with other teenagers.

Aylmer said the studio’s programs and workshops would “provide a way to disconnect from phones and social media and the pressures of being a teenager”.

Aylmer first investigated the idea of ​​opening a studio two years ago, but then “paused” due to the coronavirus pandemic. After months of hard work and planning, Aylmer is “very nervous, but very excited” to welcome guests to the Union Street Studio.

“I’m just ready to fulfill this dream of mine,” she said.

Aylmer’s inspiration for starting the studio came from her mother, who “taught me to be creative, kind and fearless”.

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Although she has never run a studio, Aylmer has a wealth of skills and experience from her 10 years teaching and her time running an interior design company. She said her degree in accounting from Lehigh University also gives her confidence that she will thrive as an entrepreneur.

Aylmer said she loves working and being creative with children, so “marry these two off” to develop programs that “connect people in a positive, kind of celebratory way.”

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She also hopes the space can help local residents reconnect after being socially isolated during the coronavirus pandemic. Aylmer wants the Union Street Studio to be a cornerstone of the Doylestown community for years to come.

“For me, success would be building a community,” she said.

Aylmer, with the help of her family, will begin this process on Saturday by inviting guests at the Doylestown Arts Festival a few blocks north to visit the Union Street Studio.

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