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A Happy New Year is on many people’s lips at this time of year. We just have two years behind us that have been anything but happy. Why should we expect a Happy Year for the first time since 2019? Of course we have many outstanding families and highly gifted people who are professionally successful.

But I can’t be very optimistic about 2022. Just the damage done last year will be difficult to repair. The pandemic that our new old president was supposed to magically eradicate is now breaking records and he’s clearly given up. He is now saying that everything has to be regulated by the states. That’s a great statement after wasting over a year of education on many students and killing thousands of private companies; saw a sharp increase in suicides and the loss of many jobs.

Our cities have set records for crime. Open looting is as common today as murder, car theft, etc. Some mayors and councilors conclude that the police are too expensive. Some even think we should get rid of the police.

Now our borders are a sieve and the whole idea of ​​legally becoming a US citizen is barely mentioned. Our President opened the borders and kept a record of illegal immigrants including those infected with COVID, criminals, terrorists and many people who have no work skills. I suspect Biden’s motivation is that they will eventually become Democrats.

Our national debt is now $ 29.5 trillion. We now have trillions in deficits, but that doesn’t bother Biden. He’s pushing for Build Back Better, which he calculates will cost $ 1.75 trillion, but that’s only for the first year. The total cost is nearly $ 5 trillion, and he says it will pay for itself. Can anyone imagine the government spending $ 5 trillion and making money from it?

The Afghanistan debacle made him the weakest president in our history, and our enemies are now preparing to take advantage of his weakness. There are some men who are quite strong as they are almost 80, but Biden is not one of them. He walks carefully to a dais today and stumbles on his words until his supervisors tell him to stop. It’s not very scary, except for US citizens.

But don’t stop there. Go for the big things. Change the constitution. Grab the court and pass an electoral law so elections can be controlled from Washington DC. He wants to get rid of the voter card, the biggest obstacle to voter fraud. There are numerous articles in the newspaper about voting dead Democrats. This opens up a tremendous opportunity for voter fraud and may very well be the reason Colorado turned blue. No matter how many times the main media say there is no fraud, we keep reading of dead Democrats voting and some Democratic districts have more votes than voters. Then we have the new crop of voters from the Democrats. This is a dream for a party to help people cast their ballots.

With a presidential decree, he changed the US back from being fuel-efficient to being fuel-dependent. Result? Fuel has increased by 50%. He’s forcing us to drive electric cars. It will take thousands of charging stations before we can venture beyond the few stations currently available. It will be especially interesting to see people waiting in line for an hour charge, enough to cover 200 miles.

Inflation is also setting records. Even dollar stores are up $ 1.25. We have a double-edged sword – much higher prices and shortages of goods. How can 2022 get better?

Happy New Year? Might be hard to get.

Johannes Benedict

Cape Coral

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