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A radio show called Our Miss Brooks was on the radio in 1948, which entertained listeners with the exams and trials of an imaginary high school. The show was popular and a regular feature film until it went on television in 1956, with Eve Arden in the lead role as Miss Brooks. It showed a lot of antics that would never be accepted in this day and age.

In 1957, an entertainer named Chuck Berry sang about him “Up and down to school in the morning” while Bobby Rydell entered the treasuries of cherished music with the hit Swingin ‘School in 1960 and the Beach Boys sang with the help of cheerleaders in 1963 “Be loyal to your school.” Over the years there have been many, many hits relating to the good old days when we went to school and even some movies took place in the hallowed halls of education. School days were a very important part of our young years.

When many of us went to school, things were very different from today! We would get our school books, put on book covers and return them in good condition at the end of the school year, buy our own supplies, and in many cases adhere to a dress code, especially when entering a Catholic school that required uniform. Today, students are all required to dress in selected clothing that their parents will have to buy in a specific store. Many of the families are still grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic and could use help.

With the advent of calculators and computers, it is almost impossible to have enough supplies for a classroom because the calculators require batteries, the computers still use inks and paper, as well as pens, pencils, rulers, crayons, notebook paper, composition books, folders, and dividers part of what a student needs. Also, because of the virus, things like disinfectants and wipes are a huge expense in a classroom these days. While teachers receive a pittance to replenish their supplies for special projects, they often spend their own money to complete the endeavor.

As part of our Community Outreach program, VFW, Post 4174 on Homestead Road in Lehigh Acres, has set up a huge box for school supplies to help our teachers and their students. Walmart in Lehigh has shelves of many of the items you need, at such a reduced cost that as little as $ 3 or $ 4 buy a good amount of the items you need.

You don’t have to be a member to participate in the Community Outreach program. Stop by anytime and toss your donations in the box to help the kids get the most of their school days. You will be glad you helped!

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