Lehigh drops pair to GW at Diamond Nation Sunday

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03/20/2021 | 12 o’clock


FLEMINGTON, NJ – The Lehigh baseball team played the four-game set double header with George Washington in their homeland on Sunday, falling 4-3 in the first game in seven innings and 13-9 in the second at Diamond Nation. The Colonials (4-1) came from behind in each game to defeat the Mountain Hawks (2-4) and collect all four games in the series.

The second catcher, Adam Retzbach, gave Lehigh the lead at the beginning of the first game with his two-part home run and pushed the Mountain Hawks 2-0 forward.

GW scored three goals 3-2 in the fourth inning and the Mountain Hawks connected the game 3-3 in the sixth inning after Joe Gorla scored on a wild field.

With one runner on and one off, GW doubled in one run up in the seventh inning to make a 4-3, and pitching knocked out the side at the bottom of the frame to make the 4-3 win.

Senior right-hander Matt Svanson had his second solid start in a row for the Mountain Hawks. He scored five innings, allowed two deserved runs, scattered five hits and knocked out six batters. Although senior right-winger Sam Wurth allowed the run to score a goal in seventh, he tossed two solid innings of relief and allowed a run with three hits and three strokes.

Eric Cichocki continued his hot hand on the plate and went with two doubles 2: 3, while Retzbach’s only hit was the homer with two runs. Gorla went 2-3 with a triple and Casey Rother doubled earlier in the competition.

When Retzbach moved on to Game 2, he went on to take the lead in the first inning. He shot home again and scored a 2-run shot to the right. Rother scored the Mountain Hawks 2-0.

In the second round, Chase Carlson won at Cam Hubbard, followed by a double from Tyler Young to meet Carlson and extend the lead to 4-0.

GW fought back in the fourth inning, scoring four runs to end the game 4-4.

Within three innings, the Mountain Hawks continued their offensive breakout, starting in the top quarter with a Cichocki double-to-center field. They moved up to third base due to a mistake and scored Young to put Lehigh 5-4 ahead. Gerard Sweeney played 6-4 in the inning in Cichocki.

In the sixth round with Sweeney and Young, Rother doubled third place to give the Mountain Hawks a 7-4 advantage. Two more runs came from the Joe Gorla Double to extend the lead to 9-4.

However, that would be all she wrote when the Colonials took advantage of Mountain Hawk’s pitching by stringing nine unanswered runs between the eighth and ninth innings to get the 13-9 win and take the series win.

Cichocki continued to score for Lehigh in Game 2, walking 3-5 with a double, a hit and a sacrifice. Rother went 2-4 with another double, an RBI, a walk and two runs scored, and Retzbach called with a homer two runs and three runs 1: 2.

Junior left Matt Stamford started for Lehigh, throwing three innings and allowing a deserved run with six hits and three strikeouts. Freshman Lucas Rich was solid on his college debut, walking four times strong and allowing zero-deserved runs with two hits, three walks with five strokes.

The upcoming weekend games against Holy Cross have been postponed due to a positive COVID-19 test among Tier 1 Crusaders. The Mountain Hawks are expected to double header the Navy at Walker Field on March 20 at 12:00 p.m.

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