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SECAUCUS, New Jersey, June 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – During a week when the world is focused on perfect standards for dogs at the country’s largest dog show, Freshpet (FRPT) aims to spotlight those pets who don’t have a pedigree, but rather those who have emergency shelters get into our homes. Freshpet’s “Fresh in Show” program encourages pet parents to share their fresh-faced shelter and rescue dogs and cats to highlight the love these pets have for their families. A grand prize winner will be featured on Freshpet’s social channels as part of the competition and will receive an annual supply of Freshpet food. The ten runners-up also receive a three-month supply of Freshpet food.

The new campaign is part of Freshpet’s long history of supporting animal shelters across the country, including the Fresh Start initiative. Freshpet has donated nearly 11 million meals to pets in need since 2007, more than 500,000 meals this year alone. “Fresh in Show” is another opportunity for Freshpet to highlight the needs of animal shelters and its desire to encourage the adoption of pets, especially from no-kill shelters.

To enter, pet parents simply follow Freshpet on Instagram, post a picture of their animal, tag the brand and use the hashtag #FreshInShow. In each post, participants will be asked to provide the name of their pet and the name of the shelter or shelter from which it was adopted so that Freshpet can also help promote animal shelters in the United States. The winners will be selected at random. Multiple answers are welcome, but not required to win. The competition runs from now until the end of June. Freshpet will notify the winners via direct message in July. No purchase is required to participate.

The program follows the recent activation of Freshpet in new Yorkto demonstrate the long-term shelf life of dry dog ​​food and highlight the value of fresh dog food over dry dog ​​food. The brand hires new York Artist Will Kurtz to create a larger than life bulldog sculpture entirely from dry food with the title A Sad Kibble Dog “. Freshpet also supports activation on its website, focusing on the importance of the ingredients, the cooking process and the diet.

About Freshpet

Freshpet’s mission is to improve the lives of dogs and cats through the power of fresh, real food. Freshpet Foods are mixes of fresh meat, vegetables and fruits that are locally grown and made in our kitchens in Bethlehem, Penn. Freshpet carefully prepares its dishes from natural ingredients and cooks them in small batches at lower temperatures to preserve the natural goodness of the ingredients. Freshpet food and treats are kept refrigerated from the moment they are made until they arrive at Freshpet Fridges in your local market. Freshpet feed is available in select bulk, grocery (including online), health food, club, and pet stores in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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