Freshpet launches fresh, vegetarian dog food brand Spring & Sprout

The plant-based food is the first fresh, chilled dog food that is commercially available

SECAUCUS, New Jersey, September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Freshpet (FRPT) today announced the launch of its first-ever fresh, vegetarian dog food, Spring & Sprout. Spring & Sprout was developed by Freshpet’s veterinary nutritionist and combines healthy plant-based proteins with cage-free eggs, fruit and vegetables for a balanced diet for dogs. The product will launch in more than 900 Petco stores in the U.S. starting this month before launching into retail stores in 2022.

Freshpet’s Spring & Sprout combines high-protein plants with carrots, cranberries and cage-free eggs, resulting in a pet food that is more protein than traditional pet foods.

Spring & Sprout supports a growing trend in the plant-based retail market. And while there are a limited number of vegetarian or vegan pet foods available, Freshpet is the first fresh, chilled option retailed to pet owners.

“Freshpet has long been committed to pet welfare and the welfare of our planet,” said Scott Morris, Freshpet President and COO. “That’s why we developed Spring & Sprout – an environmentally friendly vegetarian pet food that gives pet owners an option that matches their own values ​​while meeting the nutritional needs of their pets.”

Spring & Sprout combines high-protein plants with carrots, cranberries and cage-free eggs, resulting in a pet food that is more protein than traditional pet foods. Meat-free diets for dogs can benefit their digestion, immunity, and allergies, as well as contribute to healthier fur, weight control, and overall vitality.

Spring & Sprout is in line with Freshpet’s commitment to pets, people and the planet. The new line eliminates many of the environmental impacts associated with meat production and offers pet owners a healthy, more sustainable option that is kind to the planet.

The brand’s environmental commitment is evident in all areas of the company – from packaging to furnishings. Freshpet Kitchens operate on a zero waste philosophy, with all waste being reused, recycled or converted into energy. All recipes created in Freshpet kitchens are made with built-in wind, water and CO2 savings, while all waste from the facilities is reused, recycled or converted into energy.

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Spring & Sprout joins Freshpet’s other brands including Deli Fresh®, Fresh Treats, Freshpet® Select, Homestyle Creations ™, Nature’s Fresh®, Vital® Freshpet Select and Vital®.

About Freshpet
Freshpet’s mission is to improve the lives of dogs and cats through the power of fresh, real food. Freshpet Foods are blends of fresh proteins, vegetables and fruits that are locally grown and made in our kitchens in Bethlehem, Penn. Freshpet carefully prepares its dishes from natural ingredients and cooks them in small batches at lower temperatures to preserve the natural goodness of the ingredients. Freshpet food and treats are kept refrigerated from the moment they are made until they arrive at Freshpet Fridges in your local market. Freshpet feed is available in select bulk, grocery (including online), health food, club and pet specialty stores in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.



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