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When you enter our dining room at Lehigh Acres VFW Post 4174, you will see a canister of pretty red flowers on each table. The flowers are poppies, which are the official flower to honor the fallen and support the living. The focus on the poppy began after its death and destruction in World War I when beautiful, bright red poppies began to flourish on the soils of France and Belgium. It became the symbol of the blood that was shed during the battle after the war poem was published “In Flanders fields.”

The Auxiliary distributes poppies in return for donations each year to support the future of veterans, active staff, and their families with medical and financial needs. Because of the pandemic, the distributions last year were not as successful as in previous years due to the many restrictions on socializing.

It is true that Holy Day is Remembrance Day and also Veterans Day, but we have found that we need to be more creative with the poppy seed distribution, hence the table decorations. We have also used many poppies to make wreaths to adorn the services of a fallen veteran. Every little drop in the “Bucket” or rather canister, is a very welcome donation and we always need help for our veterans.

The funds from the poppies can be used to rehabilitate veterans who were honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces after April 6, 1917. They are also used for the good of the families of veterans of the above period. It also covers the rehabilitation of inpatient military service workers who return home and wait to be discharged and who have to be treated in service hospitals.

Funds will also be used for the welfare of veterans, active service members and the families of veterans and active service members who fall under the above period when financial and medical need is evident.

To thank our veterans, stop by for a meal at 25 Homestead Road, toss some change in the canister, enjoy your meal, and wear the poppy seeds you proudly bought. After all, our veterans have served us with pride and we should find a way to thank them!

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