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America has been touted as the land of opportunity, as always, but one in eight Americans is faced with food insecurity, a condition with no reliable access to affordable, nutritious food. This happens all too often to many of our service staff and veterans. It has been discovered that 25 percent of our nation’s active duty and reserve personnel must seek help in pantries.

The high cost of living in so many areas of the country has led members of the military to apply for food stamps or other financial aid. Chalkboards offer help, but don’t always help provide the fresh foods that are so important to a healthy diet.

By searching online for services that might help, VFW members find the VFW Unmet Needs program. It has a very simple application process and the help comes very timely with a phone call letting a person know what they can get and also find out what their interest might be. Help will come within a short time.

The VFW Auxiliary National President started a special project called Stars, Stripes & Support to also focus on helping service members fight food insecurity. After this program started, aid members had donated more than $ 100,000 to this project. The Stars, Stripes and Support funds flow through the VFW’s Unmet Needs Program.

The Unmet Needs program was launched in 2004 and has awarded up to $ 1,500 million in individual grants to help veterans and military personnel make ends meet. Service members, veterans, and family members can submit the Unmet Needs application online. To learn more about the program and qualifications, visit www.vfw.org/UnmetNeeds.

Joining the VFW can be very beneficial for those who qualify and the VFW at 25 Homestead Road in Lehigh Acres is always happy to welcome new members. Don’t be shy … we love that you are part of our ever-growing family!

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