Small Planet Supply distributes ThermalBuck in the northwest

NEW BETHLEHEM, Penn. – BRINC Building Products, Inc. has expanded ThermalBuck sales in the Northwest US and Canada for over 10 years through a partnership with Small Planet Supply, a regional building materials supplier.

Small Planet Workshop (the original company name) emerged from a division of West Coast Associates to support the growing demand for net zero and passive house education and training in North America. The “workshop” side of the high-performance building soon developed into an up-and-coming business as a building materials supplier specializing in products for super-insulated, airtight structures.

“Adding exterior insulation is a breeze for most projects, and ThermalBuck removes the challenge of detailing critical areas like windows and doors,” said Kieran Lavelle, Small Planet Supply’s sales director. “This makes it an important piece of the energy efficiency puzzle and we are proud to be able to offer ThermalBuck alongside our other high-performance construction products.”

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