Mountain Hawks Striving For Consistency After Holding First Scrimmage Of Camp

08/16/2021 6:44:00 PM

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BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania – The Lehigh Football Team kicked off the final week of the camp portion of its preseason with the first of two scheduled preseason games on Monday afternoon at the Ulrich Sports Complex. The Mountain Hawks have been preseason for 11 days and used their 10th camp to play live with officials on a warm afternoon.

Monday’s scrimmage provided some strong moments for both offense and defense, with the Mountain Hawks also working on their kick game during the two-hour practice session.

Head Coach Tom Gilmore has seen a number of positive results in all three phases at camp so far, but notes that Lehigh needs to be more consistent in all three areas with game day now only 19 days away.

“It was very competitive,” said Gilmore. “As always, the defense seemed to have the upper hand for the first few days, but I was delighted that the attack grew after that. We made some big moves. Now it’s just a matter of being smoother on both sides of the ball.

“It’s hard to tell when you are going to take action against yourself,” concluded Gilmore. “When someone is doing a big game it’s a great job, but it also means something went wrong on the other side of the ball. Overall, I was really happy that we were making big moves on both sides of the ball. Now it’s just a matter of being more consistent and refining our work so that we can move the ball consistently on the offensive and develop moves to make stops on the defensive. “

The effort to be more consistent was evident during Monday’s scrimmage. Lehigh’s offense made some big plays in the afternoon but couldn’t always end sustained drives. The defense made a few games but fell victim to the offensive on a few occasions.

Did it today for our first scrimmage. # GoLehigh #beGREAT

– Lehigh Football (@LehighFootball) August 16, 2021

“I really enjoyed the effort. When the guys fly around like they do today, one side of the ball will overtake the other here and there,” said Gilmore. “It was a give and take. It wasn’t a dominant performance by either side of the ball. Both sides had their moments and both sides had things we had to work on. I haven’t seen anything so unusual that we” can’t fix it. With all the hard work and the way the players approached it, I’m very optimistic that we can get things under control and finish the camp strong. “

The Mountain Hawks opened camp on Friday, August 6th, with a training session. They had their first day off on August 11th and put on full pads for the first time the next morning. The scrimmage on Monday was the fifth working day in a row in the August heat.

Offensively, Gilmore was impressed by Lehigh’s ability to make big moves in both the running game and the passing game. The offense scored a couple of touchdowns towards the end of Monday’s scrimmage on a short run from second year Gaige Garcia and a scoring pass from junior Nigel Summerville to freshman tight end Scott Fulton.

The defense, which was ranked the FCS’s top 10 unit in the spring, will bring some players back from injuries later this week, allowing the coaching staff to focus on the schemes the Mountain Hawks will more consistently use during the all season.

“The coaches have done a great job using the guys who were available to them, but I’m also looking forward to being involved in the programs we’ll be using for most of our season,” said Gilmore . : The defense guys worked hard. They did some great games too. But they have to be more consistent because they have given up some big moves on the offensive. I hope we can iron out those details and be more solid in these situations. “

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The Mountain Hawks also used the scrimmage on Monday as an opportunity for special teams to poke with college students Daniel Simpson and Ben Banks-Altekruse and five kickers who had opportunities to field goals during the scrimmage.

Lehigh will use Tuesday as an active rest day before training for the following four days and doing a second scrimmage on Sunday. The camp part of the preseason this year will be shorter than normal. Lehigh’s freshman players will have a freshman orientation later this week, and classes for the fall semester will begin on August 23.

“We need to have a greater sense of urgency and we talked about it from the start,” said Gilmore. “Usually we still have a whole week to concentrate fully on football. We don’t have that this year. Since lessons start a week earlier, we have to be more urgent this week to finish the camp properly.”

The Mountain Hawks open the 2021 season against No. 15/16 Villanova on Saturday 4th September at 12 noon at Goodman Stadium. Tickets for this game and all Lehigh home football games can be purchased at or by calling 610-7LU-GAME during business hours.

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