Lehigh announces tuition increase for upcoming academic year

Last summer, the Lehigh Board of Trustees reversed a planned tuition increase, and tuition fees remained unchanged for 2020-2021. For the 2021-2022 period, the trustees recently approved the introduction of a 4.0 percent increase in tuition fees.

Tuition will increase by $ 2,190 from $ 54,790 to $ 56,980. The total cost of attending Lehigh as a student – including tuition, typical room and board costs, and technology, activity, and wellness fees for students – is approximately $ 73,250.

A university education is a significant investment. Our faculty and staff strive to make a Lehigh education an exceptional living and learning experience that prepares our students for leadership and remarkable results.

The university is also committed to providing financial support to students in need. Families receiving or applying for financial assistance and families whose circumstances have changed can find information about available programs on the Office of Financial Aid website at www.lehigh.edu/financialaid.

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