Just in time for Easter, peeps debut with 7 new flavors

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Bethlehem, Penn. – If you love peeps, you will love this. The iconic marshmallows commonly found in your Easter basket are being released in seven new flavors for the upcoming holiday, according to People.

New flavors include cotton candy, pancakes and syrup, orange sorbet dipped in creme fudge, root beer float, vanilla cream, chocolate and caramel strudel and blue raspberry.

According to reports, each new flavor will have the classic chick shape and will be available in stores by Easter April 21st.

The flavors of cotton candy, pancakes and syrup, and orange sorbet are reportedly available in all stores that sell peeps across the country. However, Root Beer Float will reportedly only be available from Kroger. Blue raspberry is sold exclusively at Walmart, while vanilla cream and chocolate and caramel swirls are only available at Target.

People said the new peeps would be priced between $ 1.69 and $ 2.49.

The company also recently released creamer, cereal, and candy.

Here you can take a look at the latest range of new Peeps products.

More about peeps here.


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