5.19.21: Masks at Commencement | Lehigh University

Dear Members of the Lehigh Community and Lehigh Families,

On Monday, the COVID response team announced new Lehigh mask rules that will apply immediately to all unvaccinated and vaccinated people. As part of this message, we announced that masks would be required to begin with.

We provide UPDATED GUIDES that mask can be removed at certain points during the beginning as described below.

Updated start-specific mask guidance

Given the unique context of the beginning, in which both external guests and members of the Lehigh community come together in one place, we allow masks to be removed in certain situations (in line with current university policy) with additional social distancing measures in place. These rules apply specifically to the beginning.


  • After checking in and as soon as students, faculty, staff and guests are in the stadium, they can remove their masks and must be at least 6 feet away from those outside their family group.

  • Given the seating and 6-foot distancing plans already in place, students sit in the field, as well as family members in the stands and members of the presidential party and faculty CAN REMOVE their masks during the ceremony.


  • Masks should always be worn when they are within six feet of others outside of a family group.

  • Students, faculty, staff and guests must Wear masks when traveling on the bus and on all check-in lines (e.g. ticket scanning, bus check-in, guest check-in, student check-in, faculty check-in, staff check-in, media check-in, and check-in for university directors ).

We recognize that some students, faculty, staff, and guests may choose to voluntarily wear a mask for personal, medical, or other reasons. We encourage members of the community to support each other in making these decisions and not to make anyone feel stigmatized for wearing a mask.

Hopefully this provides clarification for participants and an awareness for those celebrating the beginning.

We look forward to honoring 2020 and 2021 classes in the days ahead.

– COVID response team

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