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Posted on April 02, 2021 at 8:18 am

Annette Wilcox has announced her candidacy for the Parkland School Board.

“Education has always been an integral part of my life,” says Wilcox. “My mother was an elementary school teacher and inspired my career.”

Wilcox studied basic education at the University of Michigan and earned her Masters of Education from Lehigh University.

“For the past 25+ years, I’ve been a classroom teacher for grade levels from kindergarten to high school, working with students of varying abilities as a special education, and coordinating a school-wide accreditation program that has completed building-wide safety walks and exercises and now everything from setting from budgeting to curriculum development as the director of a preschool, ”says Wilcox. “All of this has helped improve my leadership and critical thinking skills.”

Wilcox and her husband Eric moved to Allentown in 1995.

Their children Allison and Daniel graduated from Parkland and are currently attending the University of Michigan.

“As a Parkland mom, being able to sit on the ‘other side’ of the desk at school events has added a new level to my involvement in district curricula, course offerings, and after-school activities,” says Wilcox.

“As a volunteer student, I partnered with other parents as we shared our hopes and dreams for our children and ideas for the kind of support we want from the district.”

Wilcox says she is running for the Parkland School Board to use her personal and professional experiences to help parents and the district meet the challenges we face in education today.

Annette Wilcox

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