PROFILE: Mary Clougherty ’21, Lehigh women’s basketball

Mary Clougherty finished tenth all-time in school history in 3-point races, helping the Lehigh women make their first NCAA tournament appearance since 2010 in their pandemic-shortened senior season. But it ensures that its effect is not only felt on the pitch. The 6-foot guard is the co-captain of TIDE (Tackling Inclusion, Diversity and Equity) and has made sure in the sports department that Lehigh’s athletes not only register for the vote, but are also informed voters.

Head: Accounting and business information systems

What is your dream job?

Be Tesla’s CFO.

Is it safe to say that the Model S will be your dream car then?

100%. I’ve looked for funding to buy one, but it may take a few years.

How did you get into basketball?

I started playing basketball because my dad [grandfather] played college basketball at Duquesne University. Since I was little, he has talked to me about sports – especially basketball. I’ve always admired him and since I really enjoyed playing I stuck with it.

What other sports did you play?

I swam and played football competitively through middle school. Sport has always been a driver in my life and I wanted to keep playing as many as possible until I had to choose one.

You wear number 44. Any reason?

Number 44 is the number my sisters wore. We all played soccer and basketball and the three of us always wore 4 on the field and 44 on the court. It has always been our favorite number.

What is your proudest sporting achievement?

I am very proud to have the opportunity to play college basketball. It’s not just a moment in my game, it’s a compilation of the work I’ve done and the goal I set for myself when I was young.

Do you have a nickname?

Mary Clougherthrees.

Was that given to you in Lehigh or before college?

In Lehigh. A local fan actually called me that and our media team picked it up.

How was this season from the delays to preparation to a changed schedule with no fans due to COVID?

The season is very different for everyone. I think we’ve learned a lot about what’s important to us and how we want to continue to compete with the ups and downs. I’m really proud that everyone on the team continues to be there for each other and compete against each other every time we have the opportunity to play.

Can you at least temporarily forget everything during the game or do the cardboard cutouts in the stands still serve as a memento?

As soon as I step on the court, I tend to forget about everything else that is going on. Even before COVID, I usually didn’t hear the fans or mockery of opposing teams / coaches. In a way, basketball is the most normal part of my life. The games feel the same to me mentally.

I noticed on social media that there appears to be a new member on the team. Who is Frida and how did it come about?

Frida is my dog. I won her over as an emotional support animal over the winter break. When we couldn’t go home for Christmas, I took my family dog ​​for company for the holidays. As soon as my family dog ​​went home, we all felt that something was missing here at school. A few days later I got Frida. With our limited ability to see anyone other than our teammates – including family and school friends – she has been a really great help to the team. She comes to practice and loves to be in a team. She is a very small dog so she travels easily and loves to be in people’s laps or arms.

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