New Bethlehem Health Center recognized | news

NEW BETHLEHEM – Penn Highlands New Bethlehem and Moshannon Valley Rural Health Center each received a Lilypad Award for being one of the 50 Best Rural Health Centers in the US in 2021.

The Lilypad Awards recognize rural health clinics that outperform their peers in rural primary care in terms of efficiency and operational excellence.

The Lilypad Awards use data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid programs to calculate rural metrics in five areas and provide a comprehensive and objective assessment of rural health clinic performance. Lilypad’s Lilypad Awards and Practice Operations National Database (POND) programs are used nationally by rural clinics, state offices for rural health, regional health systems, and rural hospitals to measure and monitor rural primary care performance. They serve as the basis for various state and national initiatives to improve performance in rural basic services.

In many cases, rural health clinics receive enhanced reimbursement from government payers such as Medicare and Medicaid to help maintain solvency. Rural health clinics must meet one or more health bottleneck designations to be eligible for the program and are generally classified as either provider-based (hospital-owned) or independent. The Lilypad Awards evaluate both types of providers to create a comprehensive ranking system for every rural health clinic in the nation. The top five organizations in each of the five geographic regions have received the 2021 Lilypad Award Top Clinic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic underscores the importance of primary care in rural America, and rural health clinics are an integral part of our healthcare safety net,” said Gregory Wolf, founder and president of Lilypad, LLC. “The Lilypad Awards are intended to inform both the industry and the public about the importance of rural health clinics and recognize the outstanding achievements of this group of providers. Our rural communities depend on affordable access to quality basic care services, and rural health clinics play an important role in strengthening our health systems, especially in the context of the pandemic. “

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