Mountain Hawks Conclude Season Friday At NCAA Championships

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ST. LOUIS – Lehigh’s 2021 wrestling season ended on Friday when the five Mountain Hawks who advanced through day two of the NCAA Championships were eliminated during afternoon sessions 3 and 4. As a result, the Mountain Hawks couldn’t crown an All-American for the first time since 2009, a series of 10 tournaments was halted in which Lehigh had at least one each year.

Three of the five Mountain Hawks who qualified for Friday’s action won their first game before knocking out a game before the All-America round of 16 on Friday night.

Junior Jaret Lane started the day for Lehigh with a 13:12 decision against Liam Cronin of Nebraska (125). On his third lap, driving time made the difference as Lane’s delay in escaping in the third period allowed Michael DeAugustino of Northwestern to make the 2-1 decision. Lane’s first season as a full-time starter ends with a 10-2 record and an EIWA championship.

Freshman Malyke Hines followed suit and took Lehigh’s only bonus point of the day with a 10-2 win over Appalachian State’s Sean Carter in a second round with 133. Hines’ win included more than five minutes driving time. In his next game against Michael McGee (No. 9) from the US state of Arizona, Hines was promoted at the beginning of the third round with a time advantage of 5: 4 when he was out for two plus four in the fall. McGee went on to call for a 15-7 key decision that eliminated the EIWA champion, whose postponed freshman season at 8-3.

Senior Jordan Wood failed to become All-American three times. Wood’s second day started with a 6-0 decision against Buffalo’s Sam Schuyler but failed to break a 6-0 deficit against Air Force’s Wyatt Hendrickson in his second fight of the day. Wood’s valiant comeback attempt came with a late second takedown, then an escape and takedown awarded after a Lehigh coach challenge. Hendrickson escaped to rise 7-5. Wood earned a stalling point to get within one but was unsuccessful in his late takedown offer. Wood finishes the season 9-3. He won his fourth EIWA title last month and is expected to be back for the 2021-22 season.

At the age of 174, Jake Logan dropped his first fight of the day 6-5 against Ben Pasiuk from Army West Point. Pasiuk had a 2-1 lead in the losses and Logan failed to score in the third half. Logan’s postponed freshman season ends 5-7.

Senior Jake Jakobsen met Eric Schultz from Nebraska, the second seed, in his second consolation round in 197. Schultz scored four takedowns and reversed in the final seconds after Jakobsen drove most of the third period to make a 10-2 decision. Jakobsen, who won his first EIWA championship last month, went 8: 5 this season and finished his Lehigh career 46: 31.

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Lehigh finished with 11.5 points.

The Mountain Hawks were one of three teams that qualified 10 wrestlers for the NCAA championships. Of these 10, only Jakobsen and Senior Dylan Ammerman are not expected back.

125 – No. 14 Jaret Lane – eliminated
Round from 32: L to dec. No. 19 Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) 6-3
First round consolation: Case No. 30 Micah Roes (Binghamton) 6:14
Consolation of the second round: dec. No. 13 Liam Cronin, Nebraska 13-12
Consolation of the third round: L to dec. No. 12 Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) 2-1

133 – No. 17 Malyke Hines – eliminated
Rd. Of 32: Major dec. No. 16 Devan Turner (Oregon State) 8-0
Round of 16: L through Fall # 1 Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) 3:40
Consolation of the second round: main dec. No. 31 Sean Carter (Appalachian State) 10-2
Consolation of the third round: L through Hauptdez. No. 9 Michael McGee (Arizona State) 15-7

174 – No. 31 Jake Logan – Eliminated
Round from 32: L to dec. No. 2 Demetrius Romero (UVU) 9-6
Consolation of the first round: dec. No. 15 Thomas Flitz (Appalachian State) 3-3, tb2, rt
Consolation of the second round: L to dec. No. 17 Ben Pasiuk (Army) 6-5

197 – No. 16 Jake Jakobsen – Retired
Rd. Of 32: Case No. 17 JT Brown (Army) 7:49, sv
Round from 16: L to dec. No. 1 Myles Amine (Michigan) 4-2
Consolation of the second round: L von Hauptdez. # 2 Eric Schultz (Nebraska) 10-2

285 – No. 8 Jordan Wood – eliminated
Rd. From 32: dec. No. 25 Nathan Traxler (Stanford) 6-1
Round of 16: L through main dec. No. 9 Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) 12-2
Consolation of the second round: dec. No. 26 Sam Schuyler (Buffalo) 6-0
Consolation of the third round: L to dec. No. 17 Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force) 7-6

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