Four Peat! Total Team Effort Propels Mountain Hawks To Fourth Straight EIWA Title

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MANHEIM, PA. – Lehigh crowned four individual champions, but it was a total team effort that took the Mountain Hawks to the EIWA team title for the fourth time in a row on Friday at the Spooky Nook Sports Complex. All 10 Lehigh contestants placed in the top 5 of their respective weight classes, and all 10 qualified for the NCAA championships when the Mountain Hawks scored 158.5 points to retire from Navy and Army West Point.

The four individual champions for Lehigh were Junior Jaret Lane (125), newcomer Malyke Hines (133), Senior Jake Jakobsen (197) and Senior Jordan Wood (285). Wood becomes only the fifth four-time EIWA champion in Lehigh history and the first EIWA heavyweight to win four titles.

Lehigh’s four champions defeated their opponents 18-2 in these four finals. The Mountain Hawks had a total of five finalists, with nine of their ten participants finishing in the top four. As a team, Lehigh went 27-8 that day with 13 bonus points. Nine of Lehigh’s 10 participants had at least one bonus win.

“We had a really good training cycle, we just didn’t know if it would pay off,” said Lehigh head coach Pat Santoro, who was named EIWA Trainer of the Year for the second time in a row and for the sixth time in a row. “There’s that mental part. We knew they were ready, but they hadn’t shown it.

“It’s a great thing to have 10 players,” continued Santoro. “To have nine in the top four is a great thing. To have four champions is great. It was the whole team and it was constant. It’s really hard to have 10 guys on the same level in a tournament. Everyone is up satisfied with the way they struggled. “

Navy finished second with 129 points while Army West Point came third with 119.5 points.

Lane won his first career title and hit his first ticket to NCAAs by beating his three opponents 24-1 and improving to 8-0 that season. After Lane opened with a 13-1 decision against Ryan Chauvin of the Army, he prevailed 6-0 against Micah Roes of Binghamton. In the finals, he defeated Navy’s Logan Treaster 5-0 after a reversal in the second period, a shutdown in the third period, and a 2:17 driving time.

Hines followed with a 4-2 decision against Navy’s Jacob Allen in the final, giving Lehigh head-to-head wins against the Mids in the first two weights. Hines scored a first period removed from a double-leg shot and added a pair of escapes to the third period. Earlier on Friday, he rocked Sacred Heart’s Kyle Randall for a fall in just 31 seconds and then made an 8-0 decision over Navy’s Jacob Allen.

In addition to his first title, Jakobsen won the Sheridan Award for most falls in the championship class and set his first two opponents at 9:34. In the final, he defeated Army’s JT Brown for the second time this season, this season with a 3-0 final. After a goalless first period, Jakobsen scored a takedown in the second and added a third period.

Wood’s fourth title started with a second pin from Sacred Heart’s Dante DelBonis before beating Hofstra’s Zachary Knighton-Ward 2-0 in the semi-finals. Wood faced Army’s Bobby Heald in the final and made a 6-0 decision. In the second and third periods he achieved takedowns as well as a second escape and riding time. He is the first four-time EIWA Champion for Lehigh since Darryl Burley accomplished the feat in 1983. Wood won the Fletcher Trophy for most career team points scored in the EIWA tournament.

“Jordan wrestled freestyle all summer but you could tell he was getting more comfortable every week,” said Santoro. “He was grinding. He was working hard. He was always strong there, but you could tell it was coming back. He’s just got better over the past two weeks. He’s a smart wrestler and wrestles with intensity. Now he just has to Tighten up some things for the NCAA tournament. “

Junior Jimmy Hoffman was Lehigh’s fifth finalist. He won each of his first two fights with a technical fall of 16-0, but came on at the short end of an 8-3 decision against Army PJ Ogunsanya. Hoffman qualified for the NCAAs for the second year in a row.

The Mountain Hawks had two third-place finishes with the newcomer Connor McGonagle (141) and the second Brian Meyer (165). McGonagle bounced back from a 2-1 semi-final defeat to eventual Navy champion Cody Trybus, defeated LIU’s Drew Witham 11-2 to qualify for the NCAAs, and defeated Drexel’s Julian Flores for the second time in the game on Friday for third place. Meyer scored a late takedown and two points near the fall to knock out third-placed Ricky Stamm von Hofstra 5-1 in the quarterfinals. Following a semi-final loss to Navy’s Tanner Skidgel, Meyer returned to win his next two fights, including a key decision in the Consolation semi-finals to win the NCAA tournament course.

The newcomers Luca Frinzi (157) and Jake Logan (174) both qualified with fourth place. Frinzi’s best moment was the consolation semifinals against Bucknell’s Jaden Fisher. Frinzi was less than 10 seconds ahead of 3-2, cradled Fisher and lifted him onto his back for the 6:58 a.m. fall to secure an NCAA berth. Logan recovered from a heartbreaking tiebreaker loss in the semifinals and hit his ticket with a 4-0 decision against Vincent Andreano von Bucknell. He lost medically to fourth place.

Senior Dylan Ammerman wrestled his first bouts of the season to qualify with fifth place at 184. He went 3-2 that day, stayed alive with a fall in Pigtail Solace, and then secured his spot with the NCAAs with a 9-2.7 win over Drexel’s Josh Stillings.

“The three weeks of training before this tournament made a huge difference,” said Santoro. “Before that we didn’t have more than two weeks. The boys won all close games today. They won the third period. We usually did that, but we didn’t do it all year. They wrestled really well.” I am really proud of her. “

Lehigh’s NCAA Tournament Qualifiers will be competing in the NCAA Championships March 18-20 at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis. The NCAA will announce the qualifications and full field of 330 on Tuesday, March 9th, and reveal the seeds and staples the following day at 6pm. The Mountain Hawks will send a full team to the NCAAs for the first time since 2018.

Team values
1. Lehigh 158.5
2nd Navy 129
3rd Army West Point 119.5
4th Hofstrasse 106.5
5. Drexel 89.5
6. Bucknell 84.5
7. Binghamton 75.5
8. Sacred Heart 39
9. Americans 5/30
10. LIU 24.5

125 – No. 1 Jaret Lane – 1st place
Quarter-finals: main dec. No. 8 Ryan Chauvin (Army) 13-1
Semi-finals: dec. No. 5 Micah Roes (Binghamton) 6-0
Final: dec. Now. 2 Logan Treaster (Navy) 5-0

133 – No. 1 Malyke Hines – 1st place
Quarterfinals: Fall # 9 Kyle Randall (SHU) 0:31
Semi-finals: Major dec. No. 4 Chandler Olson (Drexel) 8-0
Final: dec. No. 7 Jacob Allen (Navy) 4-2

141 – No. 4 Connor McGonagle – 3rd place
Quarter-finals: dec. No. 5 Julian Flores (Drexel) 2-0
Semi-finals: L to dec. No. 1 Cody Trybus (Navy) 2-1
Consolation semifinals: Hauptdez. No. 6 Drew Witham (LIU) 11-2
Third place game: dec. No. 5 Julian Flores (Drexel) 3-0

149 – No. 2 Jimmy Hoffman – 2nd place
Quarterfinals: Tech Case # 7 Chris Gomez (LIU) 16-0, 4:46
Semifinals: Tech Case No. 3 Luke Nichter (Drexel) 16-0, 4:33
Final: L to December No. 1 PJ Ogunsanya (Army) 8-3

157 – No. 6 Luca Frinzi – 4th place
Quarterfinals: L to December No. 3 Parker Kropman (Drexel) 10-4
Consolation quarter-finals: dec. No. 8 Rhise Royster (LIU) 4-2
Consolation Semifinals: Fall No. 5 Jaden Fisher (Bucknell) 6:58
Third place game: L after Hauptdez. No. 4 Andrew Cerniglia (Navy) 10-1

165 – No. 6 Brian Meyer – 3rd place
Quarter-finals: dec. No. 3 Ricky Stamm (Hofstra) 5-1
Semi-finals: L to dec. No. 2 Tanner Skidgel (Navy) 3-0
Consolation semifinals: Hauptdez. No. 8 Clayton Fielden (Army) 10-0
Third place game: dec. No. 5 Evan Barczak (Drexel) 6-3

174 – No. 5 Jake Logan – 4th place
Quarter-finals: dec. No. 4 Jacob Nolan (Binghamton) 3-1
Semi-finals: L to dec. No. 1 Michael O’Malley (Drexel) 2-1, tb
Consolation semi-finals: dec. No. 6 Vincent Andreano (Bucknell) 4-0
Game for third place: Medical loss for Tim Fitzpatrick (American) No. 7

184 – No. 9 Dylan Ammerman – 5th place
Pigtail: L to dec. No. 8 Frank Guida (Bucknell) 5-4
Pigtail Solace: Fall # 7 James Langan (LIU) 4:00
Consolation quarter-finals: dec. No. 6 Josh Stillings (Drexel) 9-7
Consolation semi-finals: L to Dec. No. 4 Charles Small (Hofstra) 3-2
Play for fifth place: W by Medical Loss # 5 Joe Accousti (Sacred Heart)

197 – No. 1 Jake Jakobsen – 1st place
Quarterfinals: Autumn # 8 Sam DePrez (Binghamton) 2:50
Semi-finals: Fall No. 4 Bryan McLaughlin (Drexel) 6:44
Final: dec. No. 2 JT Brown (Army) 3-0

285 – No. 1 Jordan Wood – 1st place
Quarterfinals: Autumn No. 8 Dante DelBonis (SHU) 3:26
Semi-finals: dec. No. 4 Zachary Knighton-Ward (Hofstra) 2-0
Final: dec. No. 3 Bobby Heald (Army) 6-0

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