Facebook has banned a shot that looks like a tidal capsule

There are some photos that just can’t be posted on Facebook, and an Irish bar in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania found that out the hard way. On January 19, Molly’s Irish Grille and Sports Pub posted a photo of an orange, white, and blue shot, a tide pod shot if you will. It garnered another 6.3 million views on the bar’s Facebook page, and then Facebook removed it.

“The more controversy, the more popular it got,” bar manager Mary Fleming told Lehigh Valley News, adding that the bar had sold hundreds of the shots. “They can hate what they want.”

Facebook removed the image in response to the larger, more puzzling trend of real people eating tide pods. The social media platform tracks and removes all #TidePodChallenge content to promote the really dangerous act of doing laundry detergent. Even Rob Gronkowski knows that he is not allowed to eat them.

However, the popularity of Molly’s shot does not stop. It has since been renamed “The Facebook Banned Shot”.

Tipsy Bartender jumped on the Molly trend with a video showing how to do the shot. It has over 1.9 million views at the time of writing. Facebook won’t allow it, but the shot that was formerly known as Tide Pods Shot and is now known as The Shot Banned By Facebook is still sold at Molly’s. Bombs gone.

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