4.30.21: Summer Vaccination, CRT Updates

Dear Members of the Lehigh Community and Lehigh Families,

Student surveillance tests this week show a positivity rate of 0.31%. As of today, the Lehigh COVID Dashboard contains a total of 18 active cases for students on and off campus and 1 active case for faculties / staff. View the current campus status.

Student vaccination is required for summer courses

We have announced that vaccination will be required for students attending some optional summer programs, as well as those who live in Lehigh homes during the summer.

As the planning for summer and autumn continues, In addition to those who live in Lehigh and participate in optional programs, students attending summer courses on campus must be vaccinated according to the schedule below. Students can request an exemption from this requirement for religious or medical reasons.

Our goal is to promote comprehensive vaccination as soon as possible for the health and safety of our community. The sooner this happens, the sooner we can fully resume operations and activities on the campus as planned. We have seen an increase in the availability of the vaccine at the local and national levels, which should allow students to stick to this earlier schedule. We encourage all community members to get vaccinated as soon as possible. For information on local providers, see the PA DOH vaccination provider’s map. For students receiving their second dose after leaving campus, the PA DOH recently released guidelines.

Students can request an extension of the following summer deadlines if they are actively vaccinating but are in extenuating circumstances:

  • If you take part in personal summer courses from May 25thStudents should receive their first dose (if they are receiving a vaccine on a two-dose schedule) and plan to receive their second dose by the first day of class.

  • Students taking personal courses starting July 6th should be ready to provide evidence of full vaccination before class begins.

  • The other requirements for undergraduate and graduate students residing in Lehigh or participating in optional summer activities also continue to apply.

  • International students will continue to receive specific instructions from the Office for International Students and Scholars.

How do I apply for an exemption or extension? If you are requesting a medical or religious exemption from the COVID vaccine requirement for students, follow the instructions on the HWC website. If you have extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from following the summer vaccination schedule and would like to request an extension, contact the Health and Wellness Center by emailing [email protected] to request Document an approved alternative schedule.

Students: Submit vaccination review

So far, nearly 700 students have submitted proof of vaccination. If you have been vaccinated, upload a copy of your COVID vaccination card to the Lehigh Health and Wellness Center (HWC) health portal, including documentation of your full name, the name of the vaccine you received and the date of administration for both doses. We recommend that you upload this information now and not wait until summer or fall.

Student transport to the vaccination clinic

We encourage all students to get a vaccine as soon as possible. For those interested in getting vaccinated in Bethlehem, the Lehigh Student Senate is conducting a student poll to show interest in transportation from the university to the Wind Creek Vaccination Clinic. If you are interested, fill out the survey here. The information is passed on to Transportation Services to determine the need.

New guidelines from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC recently updated its guidelines for vaccinated individuals to reduce some restrictions, such as: B. wearing masks outdoors in certain environments. The COVID Response Team is discussing the alignment of the University’s guidelines with these new guidelines and will provide an update in the near future.

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