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The Biden-Harris reelection campaign is launching its national Women for Biden-Harris program on Friday, with events in Pennsylvania cities led by local elected officials. Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Joanna McClinton (D-Philadelphia), the first Black woman to hold that role, will headline an event in Montgomery County, joined by state Sen. Amanda Cappelletti (D-Delaware); and state Sen. Maria Collett (D-Montgomery). Scranton’s first woman mayor Paige Cognetti will speak at a Women for Biden-Harris event in that city, the campaign confirmed.

The campaign said in a statement that the events “will highlight the Biden-Harris administration’s fight for reproductive freedoms, lower costs, and affordable health care, while emphasizing the stakes of the 2024 election for Pennsylvania women.”

Montgomery County Democratic Committee sent out a request for volunteers on Thursday for a Friday event at 10:30 a.m., which referenced McClinton as the featured guest.

The Pennsylvania kickoff is part of the Women for Biden-Harris program announced earlier this week, aimed at mobilizing and organizing women voters. First lady Jill Biden is slated to start things off Friday, the first day of Women’s History Month, with scheduled stops over the next few days in states considered important to the outcome of the presidential election in November. Her office announced the first lady would visit Atlanta on Friday, and Tucson on Saturday.

The Biden-Harris ticket won 55% of women voters in 2020, a key demographic the campaign will need if President Joe Biden faces a probable rematch with former President Donald Trump. The key issues of reproductive rights and and women’s health care have helped propel Democrats to victory in the past two election cycles, following the U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned abortion rights law Roe v. Wade in 2022. Trump has boasted he was “able to kill Roe v. Wade,” as he appointed the three conservative justices who changed the balance of the court.

Another more recent issue that is also likely to resonate with women voters is the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling on in-vitro fertilization, finding that frozen embryos were “children,” meaning anyone who destroyed the embryos could be held liable. The ruling led clinics in the state to shut down in response.

Biden beat Trump in 2020, winning Pennsylvania by just over 80,000 votes.

Originally published at penncapital-star.com,by Kim Lyons

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