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Two Democrats are vying for their party’s nomination for Auditor General in the April 23 primary election. The winner will face incumbent Republican Auditor General Tim DeFoor in the race to serve as the state’s fiscal watchdog

The Capital-Star asked both Democrats running a series of questions about the position and why they believe they are the best candidate for the office.

Here’s how they replied to the question: Why are you the best candidate for this position? 

Answers have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (D-Philadelphia) was first elected to serve in the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 2018 and has become a well-known progressive member of his caucus. He’s the first openly LGBTQ+ person of color elected to either chamber in the Pennsylvania General Assembly and if he wins the primary and general election would become the first Democrat of color to serve as the state’s auditor general.

“I have the personal and professional experience that makes it clear I’m ready to hit the ground running on day one. I was raised by working class parents in a working class neighborhood and understand in my bones the impact of a government program that delivers or doesn’t. I also have the professional experience serving in the state house for over half a decade working on budgets and serving on relevant committees like the Finance, State Government, and Commerce committees.” 

Mark Pinsley, a Democrat, was first elected to serve as Lehigh County Controller in 2019 and secured a second term last year. Pinsley points to his experience as a county controller as proof he’s ready to handle the statewide office and has also earned the reputation of being progressive

“As Controller of Lehigh County, I’ve had the opportunity to do the same work as the Auditor General but at the county level. I’ve connected the position to healthcare and discovered $7 million a year in price gouging. I’ve connected the position to criminal justice and called for eliminating cash bail. I’ve been able to connect the position to the “right to choose” and push for divesting from our anti-choice bank. Each of these things, and more, can be done by the Auditor General. Ultimately, money drives policies, and the Auditor General can reveal healthcare savings, promote criminal justice reform, prevent wage theft, protect women’s right to choose, and more by following the money. I’m running because I know this position’s power, and I can use it to its fullest extent.

For the candidates’ full responses to our questionnaires, please visit the links below. Their answers have been lightly edited. 

Malcolm Kenyatta

Mark Pinsley

Originally published at penncapital-star.com,by John Cole

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