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Governor Ron DeSantis stands in the way of protecting children from an airborne virus. He hinders the success of ending the pandemic and describes his actions as individual rights. But it looks like we’re risking our lives to win cheap political points (“Look, Ma, I made as many people die under the Biden administration as I did during the Trump pandemic!”). DeSantis describes his sabotage as individual rights. He claims he is all for “Parental Rights” about the health of the community. Oddly enough, he doesn’t want to protect an individual’s choice to become a parent. When the Supreme Court upheld the Texas abortion ban last week, it threatened to copy that model into future Florida law.

Now, if you are Typhus Mary with an epidemic, my right not to be infected should affect quarantine policy. But to hire a teenager who was raped by her father to deliver; seems to be the exact opposite of good public order.

The decision to have an abortion should remain an individual decision. Many of the adult women who choose to have an abortion report that they simply cannot afford to meet another child’s needs. The intervention of the white men of the Republican Party in the wombs of every woman is the opposite of a small government. It is the opposite of the state that allows individuals to make their own medical decisions. Penetration has bad results for public order. Beaten women are often mothers who remain in situations of abuse for fear of their children. Welfare mothers are often single. Adopting compulsory births without adequate financial support for women whom we banish to ponder is just cruel. It is government interference in the most pressing personal medical decision, with no benefit to the community.

Let’s see if DeSantis is perhaps not pushy enough on this matter. Shouldn’t we be considering a (reversible) vasectomy for a man who is fathering an illegitimate child and putting his offspring on the social security list? Shouldn’t the state cut up the guys who rape? The men who are in jail for beating women or rape children? Because if women and girls are to be forced into unwanted medical interventions in culture, why shouldn’t men too?

Ellen Starbird

Cape Coral

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